Prostitution in India

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India is the country where religiously, women are respected.But when we take a tour of reality, situation is completely different.India welcomes you with ‘n’ number of issues related to women.Prostitution is one of those issues where the hypocrisy is seen.This profession holds no respect in the society.Logically if we look at the perspective, in India there are maximum rape cases and also people here don’t digress the rapist whereas sex workers are objectified and treated badly.

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“Prostitution in India”

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In a conversation with Leela, a sex worker in Kolkata said that 90 percent of the women working here are forcibly dragged into this business.They don’t start this with their consent like other countries. In greed of giving them work in the big cities, agents bring the girls from villages and small towns who are unaware of the cruel world and they get trapped here. The dark world of prostitution eats them bit by bit,and their half part of life is spent into that cocoon of unhappiness.But the question arises what after the time when it comes an end, because the demand of the prostitutes lasts only till they are young and by the time they get older the place throw them like the chewing gum when it looses it’s flavor.The business suck their blood and the light of their life till the time they get out of that place they are left with nothing but just a rotten meat.Initially there are many scars given which some or the other way affects the rest of their life and if they even try to take a fresh start,it gets very difficult.But survival on the other hand demands for the need of money.

The first half of the lives of the prostitutes are eaten by the demons and they loose all the light and enthusiasm, basically looses their whole identity.Therefore there is no scope of them to educate themselves as the dark world doesn’t treat them well.This particularly affects a lot when the life of the prostitution comes to an end,they are left with nothing.This was one the biggest problem because it led to suicides,begging and getting into illegal businesses like selling of drugs and so on.Money was anyway a need to them and especially in India where they weren’t given any sort of respectful jobs which has led them to do such activities.It is even seen that those who have left the business have been more poorer after they got out of it.That is why they try their hands in the illegal businesses to earn sufficient money.But nothing is permanent and the harsh reality of the world of prostitution is that even though money they are paid are some or the other way more than any regular work but there are many things that women have to pay back for instead of that.They had no where to go , nothing to wear and were unemployed.Nobody wanted to give them the job and accept them.This caused many suicides or putting their selling their child for some amount of money.Condition was very much critical and some step has to be taken for it.

Looking at the situation of now, there are certain initiatives taken which has come up and has brought much changes.As this issue was very much serious and should have taken seriously by the government but they took zero interest in solving the matter.Someone has to come up with the solution, a ray hope was seen when many NGOs came up with this idea,and therefore many NGOs took theinitiative of bringing the changes and to give the sex workers a better life to lead on.Women who wished to work or pursue their education are supported thoroughly.Women are given confidence about themselves and always motivated for a better future.The thing is that they are so much drained from inside that they lack confidence.But there are many women who have fought this battle like a hero and have marked an example for other women.Little bit of respect,support and acceptance from the society have pushed them which has brought so much of confidence to them. It also teaches us to make world a better place for you and for me and the entire human race. We need to understand that they have been caged in this world and have been exploited , harassed and the light of their life has been taken away by the death eaters.

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