Should Prostitution be Legal

Every human being should not have to result in selling their body in order to live. People should have more respect for themselves and their bodies.Many people within this profession are often forced and are not prostituting by choice.Legalizing prostitution diminishes not only the status of women and men but the government as an economy. The industry takes advantage of vulnerable and lost minded people. This paper will expose how prostitution opens up a wide range of safety hazards, health problems that are not easily treatable, and corruption within the legislative branch.The occupation of prostitution is though a voluntary job; many women choose to be in that field of work because of the poverty within the community they live in,trouble with financial stability, and search for empty love and affection.

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“Should Prostitution be Legal”

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The life of prostitution is for sure no fairy tale but seems to be the gateway for troubled and confused young women. According to the article, Making Prostitution Legal does not ’empower’ women- it turns them into commodities, prostitution attracts younger women not giving young girls a chance of life itself. Some will debate how prostitution is a victimless crime, but from the evidence, many will firmly disagree. The victim is the sex worker; the young ladies and men who feel there is no other way to live or sadly the only way to live. Movies like Pretty Woman glamorizes prostitution in a way that it is a desirable kind of occupation a person would want, but in reality the murder rate for an American prostitute is 204 for every 100,000, according to the website . Many prostitutes are often sufferers of abusive homes. Sadly as a result of the neglect and disapproval of young people in homes throughout their lifespan, 60% of prostitutes are runaways. Youth who flee their homes are most of the population of prostitutes and puts the youth of our country at high risked of being sex trafficked. Teens can also influence other teens to prostitute, having the number of sex workers increase dramatically at such a young age.

The existence of Prostitution to our society is a treachery to men and women. Many will limit prostitution to just females,whereas both male and females are within this profession. As for women, many begin prostitution to receive large sums of money and to support themselves through college, starting as young as 12 years-old. For men, they began to prostitute because of their preferred gender and the lack of employment opportunities.On average, men join the sex industry as young as 14 years-old. The clients from prostitution often times believe they are too ugly and unable to have sex without paying for it. This feeling markets the occupation and even brings more regard to it. Most people would argue that prostitution is a choice of the prostitutes but some can strongly disagree. People who prostitute is already humiliating enough so legalizing it just condones that humiliation. Many who prostitute are more than likely victims from human trafficking and just fall into prostitution in control of their owners or more commonly known as their pimps . The increase in sex trafficking would skyrocket if prostitution was legal.

This industry of the sex works has its history for the power it takes over people. According to the article, Why Power and Prostitution Go Together, it states how power figures and sexual improprieties go hand and hand. Many would be surprise how many politicians and Hollywood celebrities involve themselves with prostitutes.The power dynamics of prostitution also has to do with the negotiation of condom use during the exchange of sex. Making workers slaves to the occupation and without any say so of what can and cannot be done to them. Moreover, legalization puts lipstick on the modern day slavery and call it another liberation of men and women stated on the website

Prostitution in actuality is one of the oldest profession. Though the inferior aspects for those who go into this line of work is the conditions of living on the streets and actually working the streets. Prostitutes get most of their clients by simply just meeting them the same day of the sexual transaction. Without knowing who their clients are or if the have any health issues, puts prostitutes at an extreme risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. To make matters worse , prostitutes nor their clients,are tested for STDs or AIDs. Legalizing prostitution can lead to an increase in these diseases creating a public health issue. Furthermore the legalization of prostitution can also have an increase in unwanted pregnancies. Being pregnant and a prostitute puts not only the unborn in jeopardy of health problems but the mother as well.It is important that those who do work in the sex industry to know their status of their health. In the article, Prostitution – Should Prostitution be Legal, it states that prostitution remains one of the leading jobs for contracting AIDS.

Another major issue when prostituting is the extreme violence that occurs. Violence is said to be one of the major aspects in the nature of the sex industry.Those in prostitution face a very high probability of rape and domestic violence and can possibly lead to death.In the article, Why Legalizing Prostitution May Not Work?, the legalization of prostitution can also market crowds of violent clients, abusive pimps and etc . This means that the expansion of prostitutes and pimps will assuredly accelerate in numbers. Decriminalising Prostitution will definitely reduce the sexual violence within the occupation. It could also bring the crime rate down in the amount of rapes that happen to prostitutes.

Human trafficking plays a major role in prostitution. Many women and men who prostitute are victims of human trafficking. The sex working prostitution involves willing engagements while sex trafficking involves force and deceit. Being that either one seems benefit the sex worker at all, they are both wrong. Prostitution staying illegal would improve the lives of sex workers and what happens to them. In the article, Why Legalizing Prostitution May Not Work, it states that prostitution being legalized can easily help traffickers. There is already the concept of willing prostitution in most places but in reality it is just another way to exploit women.

In addition to danger of prostitution is the amounts of rape and sexual abuse that occurs to people in this occupation. The intersection between prostitution and sexual violence are so close together. Prostitution should be looked upon as this form of violence to the world, and not women being commodities. Abuse done to prostitutes are not only from their pimps, but also clients that have bought them, and people who are in authority. Many wish to leave the profession but face the terrifying consequences of being beaten or threatened by their owners. Exacerbate matters, the rapes and abuse in prostitution are rarely reported and if reported they are hardly ever further investigated. The chart below emphasis on average how many people in prostitution are physically and mentally abused.

Sex workers face major health problems in the job, prostitution. Some will think when working in the sex industry the only health issues are sexually transmitted, but there is also many mental health issues prostitutes endure. Mental issues such as depression, trauma, anxiety, sexual harassment and more. Most of the time these sex workers face more severe problems like substance abuse. Sex work may lead prostitutes to start drinking or using drugs. Many believe that this substance abuse is used as a physical escape from a sex workers reality or prior abuse and troubles. Innumerable street prostitutes use illegal drugs, but mainly methamphetamine, cocaine, and heroin. Addiction can trap a person in prostitution, and prostitution can keep many trapped in the use of drugs. It is a supremely toilsome pattern to break especially if individuals are forced into a practice orchestrated by pimps, peers, or life circumstances. As time progress, prostitutes become addicted to these substances and sadly these substances take control of them. More of the mental issues come from the amount of violence done to these sex workers and physical abuse sex workers can experience on a daily. The balance between a prostitutes actual sex work and drug consumption can interfere with their body performance level.

The other side of health issues more commonly known to be received by a prostitute is sexually transmitted diseases. Due to a sex workers social vulnerability and components corresponding with their specific work such as a history of multiple sex partners, and erratic condom use, diseases are easy to obtain. These sexually transmitted diseases include HIV, STDs, AIDs, Genital Herpes, Chlamydia, and Syphilis just to name a few. There is increasing evidence to support this claim about these diseases being channel during the sexual transactions. Insisting that a STD testing prevents a worker from receiving the disease is like arguing that pregnancy tests will prevent pregnancy. It is just not practicable. In some states they try to regulate the spreading of these viruses and diseases by giving health cards. Though this may domesticate the expansion it does not eliminate the problem altogether.

Being that the Ora of prostitution is sex, many women have a extremely high probability of getting pregnant. There is also the chance of complications during birth and the unborn having birth defects. Substance abuse has a major impact on the unborn due to the intake of the toxic drugs and alcohol which are not healthy for the baby. It makes prostitutes situation even worse is that the unborn children have no control over what their parents do. Many birth defects have happen to unborn kids due to the parents substance abuse.

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