Pros and Cons of Facebook

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I specific part of the media that I use frequently is Facebook. This is a website that I use for almost everything in life, to socialize, to explore and see what’s going on in the world. According to Zephoria Digital Marketing, worldwide Facebook has over 2.27 billion users. Facebook is an everyday aspect for me, at times for something to do and other times to check and see what’s going on in the world including news and social events. According to Word Stream 50 million businesses use a Facebook page as advertisement. This type of media is very useful in many ways but at the same time very dangerous.

Privacy has always been an issue with almost everything on the internet, whether it’s stealing credit card information or a dangerous person grabbing onto personal information of another person. According to Christian Social Media Marketing Results, twenty five percent of users don’t know their tracking location is being tracked while using Facebook. There are many things certain internet apps and websites can do that we are unaware of and don’t require our permission. All these things can be very useful and helpful, but they can also be dangerous to someone that doesn’t know how to set the settings correctly.

According to Hootsuite Facebook just dropped the world’s third most visited website on the internet. In my own personal opinion, I also feel Facebook is very overused because I am one of them someone that uses the website more than I should. The statistic in the first sentence proves this theory. Many times, you’ll see people spending so much time on Facebook that they stop paying attention to the other things in life such as their children and families and this too has become a problem. This type of use can affect relationships, careers and families.

Cyberbullying has also been another issue that can come along with the world of Facebook. This website is a good place for people to bully other people without having to confront them in person or use their real name of identity. This can be very detrimental to certain people and for this reason it is a dangerous website to be on. It is important that users know their privacy setting and only add specific people that they have met in person.

In conclusion Facebook is used worldwide by billions of people everyday at every minute. Each person has their different reasons for using the website and at many times it is for communication, news or just something to do in their spare time. Many times, good things come out of Facebook and at times it can be a very dangerous place to be on the internet if not used properly with the proper privacy settings. Media has changed our whole world and the way we now see things around us.  

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