Abortion Pros and Cons

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This paper will explore the pro’s and con’s of Abortion and why Abortion should stay legal in America. The first and main reason is women should have control of their own bodies at all times. There are others who disagree with women having abortions.There are two sides of every window, looking outside of your own window might change the way you look at things. As to say that you were in that position what would you do ?, how would you react to a situation where you have to choice between being a mother or aborting your child because of certain circumstances?

The history of the Abortion Law starts in 1973 when Roe V. Wade made abortion legal (Commentary on 1992 pg 1). Not everyone agreed with this law and were displeased when it became legal. Abortion hospitals would start to get burned or bombed by those people who were angry that women were allowed to “kill” their babies. Doctors who would perform those abortions would often become targets, and be killed or hurt by the irated civilians. There are two theories about abortion “Luhmann theory cannot explain how abortion law since 1973 has developed with the influence of certain non legal contexts” and “Habermas's theory emphasizes that delicate force of lifewood claims over normality of law”( deflem, Mathieu 2). Both have an opposite opinion about abortion, luhmann theory talks about how much this law has grown since it first began and the changes throughout it. Haberman's theory talks about the rights of an unborn child and the law of life that everyone has a right to.

Dr Edelin’s defense was said “The law had never given rights to the unborn. The fetus never lived and therefore could not have been killed” (Kenneth C. Edelin pg 3). Stating that the abortions don't count as murder if the fetus was never born. Making it a good reason why doctors or women should not go to jail for something that didn't get to be born. You can call it murder manslaughter or whatever you wish to call it but if a baby dont even have all its limbs or organs put together yet is it really murder of something that hasn't been ?

There are abortion rules it's not just that simple as people make it sound. It is legal but that doesnt means there are rules that apply to it. For example most abortions can only be possible during the 1st trimester of the pregnancy meaning within the 1st 13 weeks. The baby isn't fully formed yet at that stage going to the 2nd semester of your pregnancy can only have an abortion if there is something wrong with the child's being or the mother's health is at risk. You have to either have a court consent or have a parent consent if under the age of 18. Every state has different rules of abortion so just because it's legal doesn't mean you have just have an abortion when you want to. Other states it it's only allowed if health risks are involved.

Going to clinic back when abortion was illegal was a risky things to do because they wouldn't have the necessary materials and women would often die having an abortion. “1880’s through 1973, thousands of women died trying to cause an abortion or going to doctors with primitive methods or unsanitary conditions (Conflict of Abortion, pro life and pro choice pg 1). Women would die because of this its not the same now but if it were to go back to being illegal how would you think the women race will turn out, no matter if it's legal or illegal people are still gonna do it with the help of good doctors or no help at all. It's our choice whether we want hundreds of women to die or fetus that are not formed yet to die. Life is never good just fair a life for a life a soul for a soul.

“An average of 6 million pregnancies occur in a year and half of those are always unplanned 40% of women will end a pregnancy by an abortion”(Heated debate over if abortion should be legal option pg 5). Yes that does sound bad, why are there so many pregnancies happening that later lead on to abortion? The answer is always wanting to have unprotected sex that is a big factor in this topic. If only people would control their sentimental emotions or use protection and be wise about things, everyone makes mistakes and there's always solutions to problems. Most unwanted pregnancies are unplanned don't end to good for the child if they decide to keep it. Some ladies think they aren't ready and abandon their kid or treat them horrible like if they weren't human beings. Once its been born it has rights. Aborting a fetus would avoid having the fetus grow up in pain and angry although that's not always a case it is somethings to think about. Before doing anything you have to find different things to look at different senroes.

The statistics of abortion don't look as great either 1 out of 100 abortions are due to rape or incest, 6 out of 100 are due to health risks for either the mom or the baby, and 93 out of 100 are due to social reasons or unwanted pregnancies (Church and Abortion 4). 42 million abortions happen a year worldwide not just in the US. Most abortions don't have a good excuse to people depending ow they think but in any case at all a woman has rights and if she don't want to proceed with the pregnancy she doesn't have to. If it weren't for abortions our world would be even more populated than what it already is right now. We are so over populated that you could even see many kids out there on their own.

28 may 1990 the nation spoke “... access to abortion will continue to be perceived by women as a necessity, if not a right; so long as a pregnancies occur in women’s bodies (Abortion “world of health” pg 1). Unless men start having wombs and babies they have no right to say anything about what women should do or not do with anything happening inside of them. It is their free will to abort ot have the child.

No man on earth could ever say they are stronger than a woman. They have don’t constantly hear people putting them down or not respecting them because of their actions and decisions. Not one ever is okay with abortions. Yes they know they need to get it done but do you ever think in how much pain they are in just having to decide something as bad as that. Women fall into depression due to this choice and others making it worse by shaming them for a decision they made, it's wrong to do so yet people still do it.

Catholics are the ones who passed this law the most. Yes it's in their religion, one of their “rules” not to kill anyone. It will be a sin to do so. Yet they are those people who harass others and hurt anyone that is involved with abortion. Who are they to shame women for aborting a fetus that haven't lived yet while they are killing and hurting others, it's ironic that they are willing to kill and make a sin for something that is legal than just support these women that are fighting against it all just to have an abortion that's normal. We don't live in old times no more, our world is changing and we have to change with it too. Everything evolves to greater things we have to learn from our past so we don't make the same mistakes twice. Just because it seemed like a bad thing back then doesn't mean it still is. Unless the church is gonna provide them with shelter and food, they have no right to terrorize women. If your not gonna help then don't get involved in anyway especially if it's something that will cause damage. As said by the New York Times “ rather that trust the catholic church to pass the plate and raise funds for all the medical compromised fetuses, endanger mother’s lives, potentially orphaned children, products of rape and incest, unwanted pregnancies…. Church should focus on cleaning its own house”(1). Don't be sticking your nose out in other people's problems if your just going to judge. No one can tell you anything about your choices unless they are planning on helping you through the process of what you are going through.

In conclusion abortion is an important topic that most prefer not to talk about but it's something that needs to be discussed. It may seem like it's not a big deal, when in reality it a very vital topic to women everywhere worldwide. We need to make sure this law does not go back to being illegal, that would bring many consequences to our population and our lives. Every law comes with rules, abortion just won't be a freestyle type of law. It will continue to have certain rules that keep abortions from happening more than what they should be.

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