Propaganda: the Root of Evil

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Propaganda is often used in political writing or in advertising, but you can use propaganda techniques to put forth any thesis or idea. Throughout the course of history propaganda has been used in many different ways. Some in ways to dehumanize people and create hatred toward a select group. Once Hitler came into power he created the Reich Ministry for propaganda. In the United States, Raoul Wallenberg Pl SW, Washington, DC the Holocaust Memorial Museum it explains; totalitarian regimes like Nazi Germany, propaganda plays a significant role in consolidating power in the hands of the controlling party. The Reich ministry was a Nazi organization that enforced Nazi ideology. The principle of Nazism which included the anti-Semitism at the center of its principles was created by Hitler. Propaganda is a cheap way to make others be persuaded into believing or pressured into not having choice. In other words, if people want to support war, they should be able to make that decision on their own and not be pressured by any war propaganda. One of Hitler's main beliefs was that the children of Germany were the future of the country; Therefore, he created several propaganda movements to inspire the children, so Hitler could advance their trust. Nazi propaganda was extremely effective in manipulating the feelings and views of German citizens. The Nazi movement charmed the youth in an extremely enticing way which attracted the children and gave them anticipation towards these new beliefs.

 If a war is just, regardless of any kind of propaganda. A war is only just if it is fought for a motive that is justified and conveys sufficient moral weight. The country that desires to use military force must validate that there is a just cause to do so. The central for just cause is to put right, wrong. War is politics by other means, meaning if political leaders don't acquire their yearnings by peaceful schemes they calculate their costs to procure their goals by using force. War is usually caused when either party underestimates their relative strength. The irony in this, is that when the war starts; the aggressor is usually the weak sided one but used in a hastily way, to cause intimidation.

 Nazi Germany in the 1930s A Popular Regime?  Stated that people who lived as women, or homosexuals or Nazi Germany: A Popular Regime? How, Germans had to have the exact blue shading in the eye and the accurate tone of blonde hair. There were eye color cases that were held up to the person's eye to see if they had the right shade of blue. Churches that scorn Hitler's beliefs; People that didn't meet Hitler's criteria, were exiled from Germany in, inhumane ways. Catholics churches wanted to defend their religion independence against Nazi domination. Besides, Catholics there were Jehovah's Witness also known as bible students who believed in God. The first prerequisite to conducting propaganda campaigns, to reaching the Volk and the masses of workers, were regaining control of the streets. In the Origins of Totalitarianism, by Hannah Arendt elucidated on how the totalitarian movements used bigotry by emptying them of their utilitarian matter, the benefits of style and nation. Where, the propaganda outcome of reliability poses a measly interpreting agent of expected forces. In ways it shows that many of the people that turned to Nazism were merely pressured into doing so, hence, why all these propaganda movements started taking place. Jews were exiled into the ghettos backed to the 16th century in several countries in Europe. Violence against the Jews was a continuous danger throughout all of history. Finally, several religions taught people that the Jews were threatening and promoted anti-Semitism. Preconception against the Jews had prolonged in the Middle Ages as a result of the Crusades and the Inquisition. Law for the Protection of German Blood and German Honor (1935).

Anti-Semitism is the prejudice against Jews. Within the Primary, it states laws that every Jew should obey by. Most of these laws are against them for example, in article 4 it states, Jews shall be forbidden from flying the Reich or national flag or from displaying the colors of the Reich. also within the second statement it states However, Jews shall be permitted to display the Jewish colors. The exercise of this entitlement is protected by state laws. (Rabinbach, Gilman, 210) These statements could be a great example of the Germans being prejudice against Jews. The Jews are only allowed to wear Jewish colors to help them stand out from everyone else and to make sure everyone knows who they are. The Literature titled Violence Against Jew in Germany 1933-1939, Bankier explained Anti-Semitism more thoroughly that was also showed in the Primary source. Bankier states Of central importance was the Presidential Decree for the Protection of the Nation and the State, which issued on 28 February 1933, abolished all basic rights laid down by the Weimar Constitution (Bankier, 183). This Anti-Semitism not only dehumanized Jewish people but it also isolated them from society. Because of these laws, it made Jews targets from violent acts that won't be considered a crime with consequences that will normally occur.

Although, Nazi propaganda was not the only factor into shaping the minds of the youth, The Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls were some of the primary tools that the Nazis used to shape the beliefs, thoughts, and actions of German youth. Youth directors used these organizations to stage propaganda events, like assemblies full of ritual and display to generate the ideal image of a true national community. These propaganda events further manipulated the way the citizens of the German youth (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). The Hitler Youth Organization was named the only legal Youth Organization in Germany in 1936. German boys between the ages of 10 and 18 were forced to join this youth organization. These youth administrations gave the Nazi party influence over the country's future: the youth. The Propaganda of the Street and The Masses (1936) written by Franz Alfred Six. Six who was a Nazi himself presented Marxism. Marxism was a political and economic concept by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. Marxism is an ideology of no classes. The government is controlling all the incomes and makings to ensure equality amongst others (Communism). Marxism was a terrible idea, it basically gave the rights of others into other people that had no reason to. It was taking public ownership to private property and then rounding everyone's yearnings amongst others, but in ways it didn't work the way since people were taking more for themselves than giving what was expected.

        Propaganda Kit' Made in Germany explains that in the commencement of 1933, the German Nazi infiltrated their opinion onto the American public. It tried to convey Hitler's Germany in a positive manner. Unfortunately, the attempt in doing so, with all of the propaganda they were trying to show to the American public by radio stations, and exchange academic programs for American college students it counteracted. It caught so much attention by doing so it showed the Nazi propaganda efforts, and instead of having them on their side, it did the opposite.

In conclusion, I believe that propaganda is and will be the root of evil when it comes to people choosing and having any kind of willpower. It's honestly psychological when it comes to propaganda, because it's all about human instinct, if a handful of people believe in one theory, others rub off from it. For example, five people believe that eating too many apples will cause constipation, others will hear and believe the word of mouth, not only that, but when it's constantly being brought up on media and other ways. Propaganda is used to spread information, ideas or rumors. It's an indirect brainwash, human brains get psyched easily when they are ignorant to any facts about the topic. That's why when a class participated in a discussion and is asked to raise their hands on something they may or may not know, if more people raise their hand, the chances are most of the class will as well. This portrays that drawing so much attention to a matter isn't always good. It has it's positive and negative effects. Hitler believed that drawing American public attention would do better for him but in fact it offset them.

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