Components of Propaganda

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Propaganda has been around for many years.In society now and in decades before when people express opinions,ideas,or interests they make use of propaganda.The term propaganda first appeared in 1612 when Pope Gregory established the Sacred Congregation for propagating the Faith.Propaganda is used for convincing a large amount of people to agree with there specific ways of thinking.Different beliefs on religious and political matters are reasons on why propaganda has risen.Even though propaganda doesn’t work,propaganda works because of plain folks and glittering generalities.

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“Components of Propaganda”

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Plain folks is a type of form used as a propaganda strategy.Plain folks is mainly used in politics.Plain folks shows the politician and they represent themselves as if they were an ordinary person.They do this to get votes of a typical everyday American citizen.This propaganda is used to persuade people into agreeing with them as if they were normal people instead of a politician with money.This is a smart way to gain trust and interest on a citizen voting for them.

Glittering Generalities are also words that have all different types of meaning that seem positive.This is used in mainly advertising and politics.Glittering Generalities have an emotional appeal without giving some sort of reason or explanation.There really is not some sort of information given to people but it gives the effect of a positive vibe through the meaning it carrys .

Stacking the deck means including positive facts and leaving out all the bad facts.This form of propaganda is effective because it gives information to the people and citizens on what the candidate would do or plan.It also gives people the satisfaction and knowing of what is happening around them.

Even though we know that propaganda such as plain folks,glittering generalities,and stacking the deck are most effective.They persuade people into thinking that they are ordinary people.They give an emotional appeal without giving detail and they also inform what’s happening around them.They don’t want to form any type of warlike in attack ads .All they want is to inform their citizens on what there ideas are and what they are to them.

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