American Propaganda in World War II

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American Propaganda in World War II sounded interesting. It sounded interesting because I was curious how propaganda could benefit the US in world war II. At the same time, I wanted to understand what propaganda was all about. When I think of propaganda, I think of hatred toward another country. What also comes to mind is comic books, magazines, newspapers, radio, posters, even television that would show propaganda. While discussing this topic with my Grandma over Christmas break, she especially remembered comic books and movies showing propaganda. When investigating the use of propaganda in world war II, I have come to believe that propaganda was mainly used to try and influence both neutral and enemy counties, basically, try and shape international oppinion.

Propaganda impacted the America citizens during world war II because it encouraged American people to enlist in the military, assisted the war by mandating Americans to buy war bonds, persuaded the Americans to ration materials and impacted influential public opinion in neutral countries. Propaganda had a huge impact on Americans enlisting into the military, in fact, 16 million Americans enlisted in the military during that time. The U.S Government was able to use propaganda to get the American people to enlist in the military. Many people joined the military just because they saw the adds. Propaganda had the ability to show people how devistating another country could be and how the US needed to defeat the enemies.

Therefore, the US needed to be involved to stop other countries that were trying to enforce their beliefs on the whole world. Some people consider propaganda as a weapon because it can be seen by the enemy's country. Propaganda can defeat other countries in some ways. In other words, Propaganda was able to shape peoples opinions about the enemy. Political propaganda touched on man's sense of being a man. Propaganda also tried to show that a woman wanted to be a part of the military forces. The military played a huge role influenced by Propaganda during World War II.

However, buying war bonds also helped the U.S conserve their resources and not run out of materials that they need. Having war bonds assisted the US by taking money out of circulation, so one could only use war bonds to get the supplies that one needed and one could only get a certain amount of war bonds. The number of war bonds one got was based on the size of one’s family. War bonds were used to buy materials, food and other supplies that one might need in one’s daily life. When using war bonds the US is basically saying there's a limited supply of a product that one can get in a month. There really was no way of getting more product unless somebody would give one an extra war bond. However the US government really never issued extra war bonds. Rationed materials and foods seemed to be the thing to do during world war II.

With the many challenges the American people went through during this time, it was necessary to ration gas, food and clothing. Every person was affected by the war and all had to react and be proactive, Rationing was introduced to prevent public anger with the shortages and not have only the wealthy be able to purchase items. Propaganda was used by Government -sponsored ads and radio shows. Pamphlets were even dispersed asking Americans to comply. Propaganda was a highly effective tool to get a communication out to the American people. Each family was given “Red Stamps and Blue Stamps”. “Red Stamps” were to purchase meats, butter, fat and oils and at times cheese. The “Blue Stamp” was to purchase fruits that were canned or bottles. Also, juices, and dry beans, soups, processed food, baby food, and ketchup. Actual training sessions were developed for women to teach them how to shop wisely and prepare nutritious meals for their families.

Propaganda played a role in assisting all citizens to comply. Influencing International opinion was very important during the World War II and propaganda was used as the United States weapon. Propaganda was seen as a forcible form of purposeful persuasion that was an attempt to influence the attitudes and emotions of the American citizens. The targeted audience was for a political or commercial purpose. Messages were controlled and meant to be one-sided messages. This information could be factual or non-factual. However, it was delivered via mass and direct media to persuade people to believe what is being portrayed. Propaganda had a huge impact on public opinion, it influenced and persuaded society. Propaganda was the key when attempting to grab the mass media and be used as a way to provide information to educate and inform the American society.

In conclusion, I believe that propaganda has impacted the America citizens during world war II as many American people were encouraged to enlist in the military. Citizens also assisted the war by buying war bonds and worked hard to ration materials. The biggest impact I noticed was the influential public opinion in neutral countries and the hardcore persuasion of the American people. Propaganda was made to influence citizens that another country what is in the wrong. True or untrue propaganda was there to influence people's opinions about other countries. in my opinion I feel like propaganda was one of the ways America won the war.

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