The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics

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In this assignment, my aim as a student nurse I will discuss the purpose of the code of professional conduct and ethics of (NMBI), will also describe the five principles in brief and one depth.

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“The Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics”

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A registered nurse/midwife is a nurse whose name is entered in the nurse division of the registers of nurses and midwives .While ethical is the principles, values and virtues that enables people to live in a morally good life.(NMBI ,2014)

All nurses/midwives in all clinical areas of practice should stick to the code principles, values and standards of conduct (NMBI, 2014).

Principle 1: professional responsibility and accountability this refers to all the nurses/midwives to be responsible and be accountable for their practice, and their professional integrity, moral and collaborating with other medical professionals (Reid (stephanie, 2018).Nurse/midwives are responsible for their own health and wellbeing (NMBI, 2014) for example if a nurse or midwife became unwell they should be aware that it can affect the ability to practise in a safe way especially in administrating of medication.

Principle 2: Quality of practice this principle focuses on kindness compassion, caring and protection. Nurses /midwives should aim to give highest quality of care to all people in their professional care, and also provide safe environment for their patients. They should communicate with each other effectively at all times, report and record any concern or issues about working area of practise while delivering quality care at all times. For instance a nurse or midwife can provide quality of practice by helping the elderly individual maintain an independent existence for as long as he or she can. (

Principle 3: Trust and confidentially this is vital principle, it focuses on trust between nurses/midwives and the patients which a big aspect on the patients privacy of their information to who is provided to.Confidetially and honest is built on trusting relationship, there should honesty and truthful about the information given to the patient .Nurses/midwives have a role in safeguarding confidentially to all form of record management for the example nurse/midwife should acknowledge the proper use of information technology on social media .They are also obliged to share confidentially information if to protect patient interest, its required by law to do so.

Principle 4: Collaboration with others, nurses/midwives must work together as a team and share tasks among themselves to provide safe quality healthcare for patients. Nurses should document and communicate of care carried out clear and timely manner within legal and ethical framework. Nurses/midwives should never confront a co-worker in the middle of the hall, nurses or midwives should ask for help if they need it. Nurses should help other nurses when they are done with your work .Nurses and midwives should also work together with patient’s families, carer and communities to deliver the highest quality of care. (world health organization 2010)

Discussing respect for the dignity of the person in depth

Respect for the dignity for the person: as an individual, nurses/midwives should maintain their own dignity and that of the patient in their professional practice (NMBI 2014).They should respect every patient regarding their age, gender, race, disability or family status. A patient or person sense of dignity is influenced by many things for example level of independence, perceived control and attitudes of care provider. Most important it’s how patient see themselves and how they believes other people see them. Nurse and midwives must make the effort to communicate with patients about their care and give patient information in a respectful manner the way the patient understands. If the patient have a language barrier nurses/midwives should try to ensure that service are organised or put in place so communication can effectively with each other, nurses and midwives should get consent if the patient has understanding to make a decision about a particular procedure, if the patient has lack of understanding the nurse or midwives should discuss the case with appropriate family members, carers or guardian in exceptional circumstance for example an emergency situation if patient can’t understand. Each service user cared for has the right to be respected, as much as the healthcare professional caring for the individual under the mental health ,Act 2001 all patients or service user have the right to quality mental healthcare. Also they deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. (MHC, 2001) the law must be adhered to when providing care for people with mental illness being in the hospital or homecare settings.


In the conclusion above, throughout this essay I lived to understand what the code of professional conduct and ethics stand for, the foresaid code is the constitution of all registered nurses and midwives .it outlines a regulatory framework without which working both in the nursing and midwifery.

This is an industry for professional, they ought to know the rules and regulations they are all supposed to adhere to. Ignoring the code could be very detrimental the to the performance on the one hand and in return could bring about a lot of criticism to the industry, on the other hand nursing is a very delicate and sensitive discipline .One should always remember that we are dealing with human lives . My recommendation is to nurses/ midwives to keep up on the code of professional conduct and ethics.


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