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Our Global Commitment

At HP, we plan to restore growth in the progress towards product innovation and advancing the wellbeing of people, strengthening the environment with a focus to opportunities of leadership and plans to succeed. HP’s commitment to the United nations global compact as a active participant began in 2002, committed to growth in population, responding to climate change, managing increased information and the transformation of education across industries from an economic perspective with the introduction of leadership and innovative systems to collaborate with global communities effectively. In order to legitimise the global corporate commitment to the United Nations global compact, as part of a global network in compliance with ethical practices within its shareholder groups to maintain enhanced social and environmental performance in the Information Technology Industry. At Hewlett Packard we recognise the potential for new strategies to compliment the principles of the global compact. This report will outline recommendations that will ensure the compliance of standards in our local network from the global compact principles that will be achievable.

  • Principle 6: “Businesses should uphold the elimination of discrimination in respect of employment and occupation.” (The Ten Principles/ Principle 6 2014).
  • Principle 8: “Businesses should undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility.” (The Ten Principles/ Principle 8 2014).

Recommendation 1

Hewlett Packard has implement environment sustainability practices to facilitate projects that will benefit the environment and maintain sustainable living globally. The implementation of these practices would have introduced initiatives aimed to reduce green house gas emissions and carbon footprint on the environment. An Example of this practice is that we have introduced a carbon calculator to measure the impact it has had on the environment and we have developed an SER program to create awareness of the green house gas emissions usage with technology. This tool will assist in monitoring energy consumptions in a real time measuring the energy consumption levels and the need to conserve energy. We have also developed an energy efficient plant that is environmentally friendly .(First)The design of the sustainable building plant is significant in that it uses energy efficient material recyclable material and renewable energy and has proven beneficial to Hewlett Packard’s operations in reducing the risk of energy consumption costs globally. We will reduce the carbon footprint with the introduction of collaborative practices in technology and technology usage practice that address environment concerns and to ensure that environmental legislation in will not prevent our company from achieving its impact on sustainable practices. Environmental Initiatives developing products reducing the environmental footprint will include energy of computer and printer recycling waste programs. These environmental initiatives will reinforce the commitment of environmental concerns of CEO, environmental and technological teams and special interest groups. From the lessons learnt through the implementation of sustainable practices the benefit of energy consumption initiative to benefit the environment and global community. Benefits and Impact Society: Transparency in the CSR practices will create compliance with the United nations global compact as an accurate measure of the eff iciness in policies can benchmark CSR practices in protecting the rights and interests and regulations of the privacy policies and frameworks with accredited and sustainable and environmental affiliations by protecting the interest of consumers and investors. Investors: Ethical investments with industry groups can bring benefits to the investment of a positive corporate image by compliance with quality assurance and standards in reporting accountability and addressing environmental concerns regarding green house gas and the protection of data in the privacy policy. Employees: In the employment practices of student employees the creation of dispute resolution imitative and employment policy in CSR reports will provide trust and assurance in the compliance of safety standards met and enhance profitability, furthermore to maintain demographically concerned management of diversity and culturally awareness in the guidelines of employment practices will recognise leadership opportunities accountability in the privacy accountability framework in the triple bottom line reporting of the global community.

Recommendation 2

Hewlett Packaged is committed to the proving transparent information related to the business labor and human rights practices accounting for its financial activities and corporate social responsibility actions in release of the corporate citizenship report listed on the United Nations global compact. The corporate citizenship report is transparent in the practices it promotes globally and is practiced by companies in many industries. The initiatives and practise implemented to the promote an ethical environmental free from human rights violations and a commitment to the fair dispute resolution policy including a dispute hotline created for student employed at Hewlett Packard. In the absence of labour laws across many regions globally, labour legislations need to align with the global standard of compliance in the fair treatment of employees. We learnt from this practice that this policy has raised legitimacy in using consistent global practises of managing labour concerns. We recognise that due to limited policies and practices within the Information Technology Industry, from these lessons we have constructed a recommendation for the local network. Benefits and Impact Environment: Environmental emissions are reduce due to energy conservation and lowering the risk of carbon footprint impacting environmental legislation in applying energy efficient facilities and practices of recycling and waste management. Local Community: The board of members need to involve the minority groups of local communities through adult education programs and providing equal employment opportunities of disadvantaged communities and minority groups and employment of woman in association with wellbeing practices and empowerment. Shareholder: In considering environmental implications to protect its reputation HP, must take action to create energy efficient and innovative practices in order to proactively respond to the management of environmental disaster and to protect HP’s reputation from legislative and financial implications towards loss of profits and customers. Special Interest Groups: Concerns in employment of woman in with special interest groups actively associated to welfare groups focused on improving the wellbeing of employed minority groups and society will improve the corporate branding recognition of a positive public image.


The recommendations in support of business practices will be challenging in the engagement and collaboration of business and government including social interest groups. CSR Practices can be transparent in presenting its financial and environment data including ethical practices in the corporate citizenship report for consideration across all industries. To effectively implement practices to measure environmental performance legislative requirements must align to the business practices to manage risk to the environment and responsiveness to company human rights breaches. Recommendations which have not been addressed or implemented can lead to negative consequences affecting the global community from take proactive approaches to improving the global environment and sustainable living.

A Success Story

At HP we are committed our people, environment sustainability and product innovation to advancing wellbeing. We have continued to support and comply with principles of the global compact and adhere to the recommendations to collaborate effectively with the local network and maintaining a relationship of trust in the social contact and our stakeholders. The development of CSR initiatives will benefit and continue to support business networks and the global community.


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