Produce a Report on a Subject of Resourcing Talent in Organizations

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Resourcing Talent in an Organization

Diversity is the understanding, acknowledging, accepting and valuing the existing differences among people of different background regarding their ethnicity, gender, race, age, class, and disabilities. As the world keeps on globalizing it gives organizations a reason globalized to attract people of diverse backgrounds. Long ago people used to work in an insular environment but those times are gone, and now organizations are connected around the globe which makes them compete with others in the global arena. In the process, organizations have come to realize that working with a diversified workforce is more beneficial than working in an insular environment. For this reason, both profit and non-profit organizations have opted to diversify to remain competitive. As the world keeps globalizing, people are busy moving from one country to another and organizations now have to offer opportunities to people of diverse backgrounds. Diversity itself is beneficial to any organization’s associates and employees. Even if associates in a way interdependent at work, accepting people of different diversity can increase the productivity of a company. According to Neault, workplace diversity can reduce the number of lawsuits filed against an organization, increase workplace skills/creativity, market opportunities and improve a company’s business image (Neault, et al. 73). As the world moves to an era of flexibility and creativity, diversity is crucial to staying competitive. Therefore, the need for organizations to diversify their workforce for its success. Acquiring and retaining specialist and high potential graduates is critical to any organization’s success. That is because the job market is increasingly becoming competitive and required skills are getting diverse which requires organizations to be more selective in their choices as poor recruitment can be costly and has long-term effects. An organization’s ability to attract specialists and high potential graduates can affect its competitiveness compared to its competitors. For this reason, the criteria for recruitment by the human resource department is critical to get qualified staff who can propel an organization forward and improve its competitive edge. Companies try any means possible to avoid making poor recruitment decisions that can hinder their performance. Many companies are now implementing new strategies that can attract the best specialist and high potential graduates. Most professionals and high potential graduates prefer large organizations over small ones. That is usually due to salary factor which attracts specialist and high potential graduates. A company’s clients will prefer to get great value for their money which will compel businesses to hire the specialist and high potential graduates to give quality. Moreover, demand for an organization’s products or services dictates its recruitment as to align with market needs.  Big organizations prefer job fairs as they offer a big pool of job seekers to choose. Companies are also obligated to adhere to some other legal and political requirement when recruiting so as not discriminate people with disability, from some institutions, or some minority cultural backgrounds (Florea, Valentina, and Doina 305). A company workforce is a key factor that determines its success and competitiveness in a market. An organization’s recruitment and selection processes are significant to its operation and its performance. Therefore, attracting and maintaining specialists and high potential graduates is crucial to the success of a company. Factors that affect an organization’s recruitment and selection process are both internal and external. Some of the internal factors of an organization include its objectives, policies or external like a government’s policies or the current demand and supply of the market. These factors are diverse, and an organization needs to strike a balance between internal and external factors to stay afloat and limit the risks associated. For and organizations to make successful recruitments it has to make consideration that analyzes its long-term planning on retirements, situational awareness and the best recruitment methods that are applicable according to its human resource management. Therefore, an organization’s recruitment is influenced by its objects and policies. That means that those hired should fit into the code of conduct of an organization and help it achieve its goals. An organization has to make market consideration of supply and demand concerning its products or services to make recruitment decisions. That will ensure that its development is sustainable according to the requirements and can enable the company deals with changing market environment. Another factor that organizations consider is the legal requirements of the government such as not discriminating against women or persons with disability. When recruiting new staff into an organization most cheap and efficient methods are preferred. One of the most preferred methods is posting of vacancies, where attributes required, knowledge, experience, and skills are outlined. The purpose of advertising jobs is to get the attention of high potential persons in qualifications for that job. An organization can also decide to use online recruiting through the internet. This method is easier, faster and cheaper than most traditional methods. Candidates view detailed information regarding the job online where a description is given, and they are required to respond electronically. An organization can also use college recruitment where representatives are sent to different campuses to fish out applicants from a wide pool of college graduates. College recruitment gives an organization high-quality graduates but online, and posting methods provide candidates with high experience. Moreover, online and posting methods are much cheaper compared to college recruitment (Richardson, Margaret, 15). The selection process of potential employees into an organization can be challenging, and wrong choices can be costly. Most organizations prefer the use of the general mental ability, structured interviews, and situational judgment tests. General mental ability helps an organization to predict the future performance of an employee especially in dealing with emergencies or deathliness. On the other hand, structured interviews are based on a series of questions where responses are rated. This approach is beneficial as it enables an employee to gauge employee’s behavior and his/her understanding of the job description, organizational objectives and culture. Lastly, situational judgments are multiple choice where applicants are asked to choose a response concerning a variety of hypothetical situations. The results of this offer insights on how an applicant will respond when faced with a particular situation. This method is beneficial as it enables an employee to predict how a candidate is likely to answer to a complicated situation.


For optimal performance, an organization needs to diversify its search for talent. A company should also strike a balance in other factors like building its profile to attract specialist and high potential graduates. Moreover, it should rely on the best-recruiting methods to get most qualified employees who can make it competitive
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