Policy Advocacy

Dear Buddy Carter- US House – Representative for GA district 1 (Republican)

I am writing to urge you to appeal to vote out the Obamacare. Since its introduction, the policy has not been of much benefit to the citizens. It has caused more harm and calls for the need to revise it so as to prioritize the interest of the people. There is the need to adopt a healthcare system that operates using free market principles. It is time to restore the quality healthcare services in America. The program has increased costs despite the promise to lower. Deductibles are constantly on the rise. The policy has undermined competition. It is notable that when competition is high, quality also tends to be high. It is found that the US counties have not more than two service providers offering insurance services on exchange.

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The policy has not met the projected enrolment. According to the projected Congressional Budget Office, the year 2016 was to have 21 million people enrolled through government exchanges law. The policy has failed to meet the estimated population to be covered as had been projected by the government. Despite the central government sending $5 billion to every states to establish their own insurance exchanges, the states have been reluctant in implementing the policy. The plan is costing taxpayers. The government has to use a lot of funds in funding the program and pass on the cost to citizens. The policy has led to fishy actions by employers. Employers are compelled to cut duration of work in order to avoid covering employees. It is out of these concerns that our country needs to revise the healthcare policies to fit the needs of the people.

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