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The mission of the National Institute for Health Care Reform (NIHCR) is to conduct high-quality, impartial research and policy for society, financing and delivery of health care in the United States. These times in American healthcare system are uncertain. The Organization works to identify significant health policy, assess the advantages, and disadvantages of policy options to help inform architects about decision makers about how to expand access to healthcare for all Americans. (Gale, 2016)

Rising Healthcare issues is no one-size-fits all solutions which have no limits, it is expensive options for the consumers. Millions of Americans can no longer afford adequate care or should we American be forcing to choose health insurance for oneself and my families. The small business' owner is having a bit of a problem providing health insurance to employee or keeping the doors open. Health changes will be empowering Americans to take control of their health coverage, ensuring that one-size-fits no health care that exchanged to quality, affordable health coverage, and increased the consumer to choose what is best for their family and employees.

Americans healthcare reform has come a long way from not having insurance unless you are working. The Nation's healthcare reform system goes beyond limits of population groups that include all income. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) on 2010 is considered to assist all groups. This is also known as the Obamacare that is financially accessible to entities while escalating the Medicaid and supportive healthcare system renewals that lessen costs. Grants provided by ACA helped initiate 27 percent of the community healthcare. The United States between 2012 and 2015 has improved health care for the more established people that have no transportation to and from the facility and also made home visits available. In the ongoing national controversy over the affordable Care Act, with proponents and opponents of the law have shown persistence and resilience. The future of health insurance coverage for millions of Americans unsettled, continuing transformation of medical care. This program assembles health policy experts to empower us and organization to prepare for the future (McDonough, 2018). Though the future of Another aspect of the act is the preexisting health conditions was forbidden, which previously had disqualified anybody from health insurance or resulted expensive premiums. Yet, despite the improvements, health care administrators, and expert's strand that millions of Americans face so many barriers that is inhibit their capabilities to access the amenities.

Understanding these opportunities is a first step to achieve better patient outcomes. Health reform development program for women have such impacts on the industry, developing the appropriate strategies going forward. The program provides women the opportunity around the world to improve performance. This was a wonderful, intense, and empowering experience with expert, compelling network of in healthcare colleagues (Schreiber, 2018). The apparatuses of healthcare reform could change if, as projected, the Senate passes a reconciliation mandible. The American Nurses Association (ANA) believes that every person has the right to the highest quality of healthcare. For decades, ANA has utilized the knowledge and expertise of its members to fight for evocative healthcare reform. Thinking advantageously about sustainability and investing in Healthcare efficiency can help hospitals reach their goals.

Democrats and healthcare reform promoters emphasize that Congress and President Trump must contemplate the fact that many requirements of the law have been effective in ensuring that Americans; an estimated twenty million public gained coverage under the law. In 2011, senior citizens saw more benefits when Medicare began cover preventive services and wellness visits. Health insurance corporations that wanted to surge rates by 10 percent or more were required to undergo state and federal review. Traditional health care is mired in bureaucracy, inefficiency, and overload, so doctors push papers rather than see patients. Patients either overuse the [emergency room] or avoid doctors altogether. Understanding the home environment and having more time with patients translates to savings for all. (Gale, 2018). Moreover, insurers that did not spend 80 to 85 percent of the premiums they composed on medical care had to refund the difference. In rural areas, usually have very few doctors and health care infrastructure, for people who live in remote locations long-distance trips for routine and preventive care are less likely to make it. This create a very serious problem for health issue that might have not happened it was detected and treated earlier (2018 Gale). This make responding to health care emergencies more of a challenge for first responders. In 2017 CNN states that 16 percent of the US mainland population lives thirty miles or more from the nearest hospital and another thirty million live more than an hour from a trauma center. This is an inordinate plan. I think it will get even better. This is a repeal and replace of Obamacare. Make no mistake about it as per our President Donald Trump celebratory with the Republicans. (Lee, 20017)

This planning requires understanding inside and outside government. Well how is it changing and wonder how it may change in the future planning process. To provide the best possible experience for patients, innovative approaches should be considered; whether through utilizing new technologies or by extending the nursing scope of practice to reflect the true extent of nursing expertise. Opponents of the health care reform law have voiced their objections since Mr. Obama signed the ACA into law. Some opponents have objected to the use of federal and state tax dollars to fund the ACA, while others rally against it. When we have to deal healthcare, when all of the bureaucracy and the burden that's built around the healthcare system that makes medicine difficult (LaMotte, 2017)

Many of the provisions in the new health care law was rolled out in 2014. Employers with more than fifty employees were required to offer health care plans to full-time employees by 2014 or pay fines. The ACA also required individuals to have obtained a certain level of health insurance coverage by 2014.

Those who could afford health insurance but did not secure coverage faced a tax penalty. Individuals who could not afford health care insurance could obtain a waiver or subsidies to help pay for a plan. Individuals and families with household incomes less than 138 percent of the federal poverty level would be able to enroll in Medicaid if they resided in a state that elected to expand its Medicaid program under the ACA. According to this practice, a person that suffers from asthma like myself. I was diagnosed as child could be denied health care coverage or someone with cancer, so in addition, the insurers were able to cap the amount of care they would cover, known as the lifetime limits, and on age on policies. ACA intention is to prohibit these practices. (Gale, 2016)

Recognizing that success in this rapidly evolving marketplace requires a fundamental understanding of current medical practices in and out of the hospitals. Both Republicans and Democrats have acknowledged that repealing the law without replacement legislation could result in twenty million Americans losing their healthcare. The Republican lawmakers have discussed repealing the ACA in November 2016, once President Donald Trump was elected.

The Republicans retained the senate and the house, so they passed a budget to have several committees draft up a replacement for health care. This was passed with no Democrats supporting and only one Republicans voted against it. (Gale, 2016)

The following major component of health care reform was passed by the House and Senate. These changing demographics present the need for more complex and longer-term care. In National Federation of Independent Business v. Sebelius (2012), the US Supreme Court upheld the ACA by a vote of 5 to 4. This meant that the provisions already in place prior to 2012 could stand. However, the Court's decision did not prevent others from challenging the validity of the ACA or certain aspects of the law. The Health care agencies worked to improve the gaps in our health care systems by bridging the gaps with communication and collaboration among the members of different teams that is involved.
The ACA included making sure health care was affordable and available to those who might not be able to get it through and employer and that money invested in health care was spent wisely. I found information that hospital sustainability efforts could save the healthcare industry up to $5.4 billion over five years and $15 billion over 10 years. These are uncertain times in American health care industrial. The Congress and the president must vow to repeal and replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as the Obamacare. I am not sure this has sustainability for resistance from all parts of the political spectrum. This political and policy environment has left the health care leaders and participants wondering what to expect and how position American organizations for the next phase of health reform.

In addition, Americans are facing a public relations nightmare, more than half of U.S. hospital now can make healthcare sustainability as a factor in purchasing and even over 80 percent expect to engage with two years of purchasing. Optimizing facility operations can help reduce operating costs, improving the patient experience, and promoting community health. While most Republican wish that ACA should be repealed, as they debate over whether the repeal should take effect before or after replacement legislation has been drafted. Both Democrats and Republicans acknowledged that this bill must be repeal without replacement legislation could result about twenty million Americans losing health care insurance. So, I am asking myself why the Democrats must fight to keep healthcare alive? Health's services are representative of an emerging generation of technology-driven solutions with so much potential for improving health care accessibility and delivery. Americans has become more stewardship in this industry as they seek to achieve national health policy objectives. Americans have educate themselves on the way of life, because Event the smallest stone make repel in the water.


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