Persuading Media Producers to Change the Way they Portray Relationships

There are a lot of incidences of bias and stereotypes in the manner in which the modern-day Medias perceive relationships. For instance, girls and women have been presented in many movies and advertisements with lots of stereotypes. Most of the stereotypes are limiting and degrading, and they have impacted on how women and girls view themselves and how the society at large perceive them as well. For instance, Adverts have used nude women images to illustrate the beauty associated with many products. Women and girls are portrayed in many media channels to be people who care so much about their physical and sexual appearances above anything else in their lives.

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“Persuading Media Producers to Change the Way they Portray Relationships”

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Media Producers have chosen to use nude photos and images of women and girls in movies, videos and adverts to allow them to attract many viewers. So far, they have succeeded to convince a significant portion of the society that nudity of women associate to thebest products or videos. The consumers or viewers can together and join hands in fighting these stereotypes against female genders. For instance, by reporting to the relevant authorities that some specific media contents be barred from airing on TVs or be broadcasted at particular times when underage children are not awake. The producers of these contents might consider using other better alternatives when such protests are intensified.

A consistent airing of nude and other more adult contents in the name of adverts and music videos can be harmful adolescent and other consumers. The adolescent and young viewers who continuously watch these contents are made to believe that having women and girls show their nudity is a way of showing their beauty. Additionally, some of them have gone an extent of imitating what they watch on the media which have negatively impacted on many social values.

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