Influence of Media Violence

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Media violence is everywhere you look, on every channel, on every commercial, and every video game. Media violence has had a lot of influence over the years and especially in young children, teens, and adults.Young children and teens can be exposed to media violence through television, film, video games, and the Internet, meaning that children and adults alike are being influenced into thinking that violence is funny and fun when it can be very dangerous in a crucial situation. For example, in an incident a child who played violent games a lot was very abusive towards his mother and the child would call her a peasant. The two main video games that the child would play is Grand Theft Auto (GTA) and Fortnite Battle Royale for 48 hours. Since they were online games, meaning that you could play with other people, the people that the child was playing with used a lot of aggressive and inappropriate language which influenced the child to do the same. This is a direct effect of media violence. We already know that violence in media is bad but what are we going to do to stop it?

Not only does media violence promote violent behavior but it also gives the person violent intentions, and not only in video games but they can be on a mobile device as well, such as cyber bullying on a social media app. There are also violent role models for example YouTubers who post violent things on youtube for their viewers. in one event Logan Paul, a vlogger who has millions of subscribers, recently posted a video on Youtube depicting a man's dead body found in a well-known suicide site in Japan.The video remained on Paul's YouTube channel for several hours and got more than 6.3million views.

What makes it bad is that he has a strong influence on young children in his videos so about sixty percent of his viewers who watched it were underage. This is an example of Violent Role Models, children imitate and look up to people whose use of violence is portrayed as necessary or attractive. Another essential aspect of media violence is the amount of violence the person is seeing on a regular basis, in addition children exposed to violence regularly learn to resolve their own conflicts in a violent manner.

In media related video games the rewards that the game give them makes them want to continually play the game,for instance the more a violent act is realistically portrayed, the more likely it is to be emulated by children and teens. If a violent act is rewarded it is most likely to foster attitudes supportive of a reward for violent behavior.

The question still remains what are we going to do as a community to stop or prevent the influence of media violence from happening. There are a few things that we can do such as reducing the exposure to media violence. If children watch less television, and watch it less randomly, they will see less violence. We can do that by setting tv limits on how much a child can watch, and by setting guidelines on what they watch. You can also encourage them to develop an awareness of violence when they see it and understand its consequences. We can look for TV shows and videos that provide positive role models.

So in conclusion we can stop or prevent media violence from happening but media violence will never go away because of the way the world is now. Above all media violence is at the top of the pyramid of influenced violence. I hope that we can find a solution to this problem, because over all the children are suffering more from this problem.

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