Personal Responsibility and a Logical Approach to my Coursework and my own Success

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Success is often viewed as an unattainable goal by many people. Fortunately, I am not one of those people. Some define success as having a brand new car, a big house, or having all of their student loans paid off. Before studying strategies for success outlined in OnCourse, I never really thought about my personal philosophy of success. I believe that success is achieving my goals, whether they be big or small. I tend to have a very logical approach to my coursework and my own success, and I learned this strategy from On Course. The strategy outlined in OnCourse that will help me to achieve success in the future the most is to accept personal responsibility.

A lot of students don't understand the concept of accepting personal responsibility. I hear students all the time complaining that they didn't get their paper done for certain reasons including family or that they didn't have time. I also hear students that didn't come to class because of car problems, or not being able to pay for gas. To me, these things are not a reason to not come to class or to not have a paper done. Personal responsibility means that I take ownership of the things that I need to do, such as getting to class or getting my work done.

Personal responsibility also means that I set my goals and work hard to achieve them. When I achieve these goals, I consider this a success. No matter if what I achieve is big or small, I still consider it a success. I like to break my goals down into smaller milestones and I celebrate when I reach these milestones. Working hard at smaller things helps me finish my bigger goal faster and more efficiently. Together, setting goals and working harder can help students finish coursework faster, allowing them to go on to complete more things and to finish college faster.

To me, personal responsibility also means that I finish my homework in a logical order. Typically, I always complete the assignments that are due soonest, first. By utilizing this process, I can save time and make sure that all of my assignments are turned in by the due date. When my assignments that are due soonest are completed, I can use my remaining free time to work on other assignments that are due later.

This success strategy that I learned through OnCourse has helped me in my previous classes, and will continue to help me throughout the rest of my education. To me, personal responsibility means that I'm looking out for myself, and that I'm helping myself get along and achieve my own goals. I try to rely only on myself through my personal responsibility, and therefore I can only thank myself when the time comes and I achieve my goals. For me, this is success. I'm really glad I learned this success strategy, and I know that it will help me not only in my educational future, but for the rest of my life.

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