Parable of the Sower: Theme of Weakness and Strength

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The parable of the sower has a wide range of themes developed. Among the themes that the author has tried to feature in the work is the theme of weakness and strength. The novel integrates the two themes in a manner that it is possible to tell similarly to a real world event. The themes are not straightforward as one wound expect them to be. More importantly in a world where violence prevails (Gerhardsson 167). The Lauren’s group may be viewed as a weak group. However, the team has some strength. For instance, a large number of the women in the novel have the knowledge on how to use a gun. These women include Zahra, Lauren, and Natividad. Moreover, the novel also show that the children have hiding skills, which is a notable strength inhibited by the group. The team is also strong as they are able to decide on a better way to get through the police. They fail to present threat, a quality that makes it easier for them to pass without being suspected by the police.

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“Parable of the Sower: Theme of Weakness and Strength”

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The author tries to show the theme of strength through Lauren’s brother. The young man (Keith) has the determination to prove his manhood by trying to be part of a violent gun. However, his struggles makes him end up being brutally murdered (Gerhardsson 180). Also the community walls that appeared strong get breached leading to the community being destroyed. Also, the theme is displayed through Lauren, when she makes her decision to venture on the road (open) which is a dangerous place to be in; she gets the opportunity to constructing the community, a situation that had been her life-long dream. Which is a dangerous place to be in; she gets the opportunity to constructing the community, a situation that had been her life-long dream.

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Gerhardsson, Birger. “The Parable of the Sower and its Interpretation.” New Testament Studies? 14.2 (1968): 165-193.

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