Organisational Behaviour Assignment

Organizational Behavior Contents The problems and the hypothesis discussed in the research article: The need for the study: Methodology: Students team critique: Summary and Conclusion:

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“Organisational Behaviour Assignment”

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The problems and the hypothesis discussed in the research article:

This study analyzes the style of talent management handled by institutional and corporate leaders in the context of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The context is valuable due to the nature of the region which is under-researched and also because the type of variables found further out understanding of TM processes in non-western context. The companies involved in the business process in this region have to sustain their legal legitimacy by abiding by the localization rule, at the same time trying to improve efficiency through selective action to enhance economic sustainability. In the process the companies try to keep the balance of global adaptation and local absorption of human resource for maximum utility to be gained for TM processes. In spite of the demand of business and management scholars for more international research, the area is still fragmented and under developed and the topic still lacks proper definition. The definition of talent management as per says the attempt of an organization to recruit, retain and train the most gifted and highest quality staff members that they can find, afford and hire. Talent management gives business managers an especially important role to play in recruiting, developing and retaining desirable staff members. Researchers are doing scholarly which tends to ignore the role of contextual factors in shaping global TM practices. Researchers refer to external forces or drivers, beyond corporate control, that impact the organizational ability to manage the global TM process. For example, as per the trend of globalization of talent migration tendencies, demographic changes, and demand-supply gaps, terming these as “exogenous drivers” of global TM challenges. The identification of the barriers as per Schuler, Jackson and Tarique are as of the list given here- a) Dedication of time of senior managers related to TM search, b) Organizational structure, c) Tack of willingness to acknowledge performance variances among employed workers, d) The shortcoming of HR knowledge to address TM challenges, e) Lack of involvement of the middle managers, f) The deficiency of knowledge with application of the managers for proper execution of right decisions related to TM decisions. The above barriers or constraints are important and the strategy to overcome them is the key to successful TM strategy. Yet as the application of TM expands with its theoretical part all over the emerging markets of the world to find the best candidate for the right place, there arise some exogenous barriers or constraints which are still to be noted with the proper organizational response to cope up with them. In the context of Arab and Gulf countries under GCC the research with TM exploration shows some interesting data with the comparison of local and expatriate human resource. Out of total population, the local people contribute only 53% and as per the data, the labor contribution of 27% of local against the total work force deployed in this region. The excellent unique derivatives of this economically strong region allure the multi-national companies with its natural resources. Right from the inception of GCC in 1981, the MNCs come is huge no. to exploit the natural resources with the excellent infrastructures provided by the countries. But the deployment of man power trend shows the dependence of expatriate in higher side causing serious imbalance problem of the local man power resulting major unemployment problem in the region. As per the Economic Intelligence Unit projection, the growth of GDP in GCC countries will reach US $ 2 trillion by 2020. To meet the growing needs of domestic human resources, GCC has a specific plan to upgrade the local HR by education to meet the demand. But this is not so easy as the plan is long-run will give result after a certain period of time. By the time the increasing demand of HR will be met by expatriate personnel and the problem will be fiercer in case of local employment. The system of prioritizing local workforce has its own drawback as the companies can’t operate under the hypothesis that deployment of work force from any sources can’t be smooth without hurdles. The impact of nationalization policies on organizational abilities to attract, develop and retain the right talent, both local and foreign, remained understudied.

The need for the study:

The situation of conflict between the local and foreign workers is getting worst day by day. As per the need of the situation, the foreigners are getting priority for their skill and talents. The up gradation of the local people through specific education, plan system is initiated but the result is expected after long time. In this case, the proper research is necessary to understand where the system of up gradation is lacking. The class-bound education with enough practical implication will make the local people ready to meet the demand of the country. It is not admirable that one side the percentage of expatriate workers will increase and the local people sit idle without employment. Hence the proper research is to be done applicable for this region to ensure the parity in employment with the local vis-A -vis foreign man power, with the objective of minimizing the foreigners by replacing them with local people with same standard as the situation arises. For this purpose the MBA students have to play a vital role with their study, research and analysis to find the right track of this program. The GCC and UAE, with their enormous requirement of man power will find one day that the work force is dominated by the foreigners and this is totally an unhealthy situation so far the employment market is concerned. To find the suitable solution of this problem, the MBA students should take active part to show the road towards future employment policies with the backup of proper enhancement of educational system in those countries.


The methodology employed in this study is hypothetical backed by data analysis. Nobody knows what will happen in future but with the best possible intellect to analyze the result of the research and thus conform the probability of success of the project of TM. There are many constraints come out with the process of research and those are to be solved with the practical application with the best possible solution which is backed by the best presence of mind.

Students team critique:

The research on TM is good enough with the result of future process featured. The assumptions are based on the facts and the limitations are minor. The success of this research will be seen when the proper step of evaluation of local people in the context of replacing the expatriates will be observed with the help of proper education and practical application of the theories.

Summary and Conclusion:

The present crisis of TM in GCC and allied countries will get critical if the same is not emphasized right now. The scope of TM in the region is bit difficult due to its nature of under studied. The research work is to be continued with further development in this area will soon find UAE and GCC countries to replace the foreign man power with high level of education, practical application and execution to the utmost demand. And thus the research work of TM in UAE and GCC will prosper with the basic objective to be fulfilled.

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