Opioids Abuse Effects on People’s Mentally

Human life is enhanced, meaning that medical development. The human need for medical has also increased, and opioid came out based on human needs. In addition to the good benefits that it carries, it also brings many bad consequences. And opioid addiction is a part of it. “In 2015, two million Americans had a substance abuse disorder involving prescription painkiller, and there were more than 20,000 deaths due to overdose”, according to American Society of Addiction Medicine: National Institute on Drug Abuse. It’s time for people to really care about opioid addiction. Opioid abuse is dangerous. Because it directly affects on people’s physical, mental, and quality of life.

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“Opioids Abuse Effects on People’s Mentally”

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Opioids (pronounced OH-pee-oyds) are a class of drugs that include doctor-prescribed pain relievers, like oxycodone, codeine, and morphine. Heroin is also an opioid and illegal. Opioids act on the brain and nervous system to block pain signals are make people feel relaxed. So some opioids are legally prescribed by healthcare are provided to manage severe and chronic pain. But people have abused it, leading to some unfortunate circumstances.

First, opioid abuse effects on people’s physical. Opioids make people’s pupils stop responding to light, resulting in some vision loss. It starts trigger circulation problems, which make skin feel cold, hot, algid, or sweaty. The drugs make liver stop working, the organ become whelmed and stop cleaning people’s blood of dangerous toxin. It impacts muscle to become hard and stiff, making people heavy handed. Opioids copy naturally attaining brain chemicals that addictive feelings of euphoria. The drugs change the brain’s reward and pleasure system and hormone levels. It blocks chemicals that keep people’s heart pumping, which could be fatal. Digestive system slows down in the gut, which can lead to nausea and constipation. Chronic opioid use weakens the skeleton, upping the chance of a broken bone. The drugs have a bad effect on all of human’s body. Opioids also raise the possibility of death, because of dysfunction of the organs.

Second, opioids abuse effects on people’s mentally. According to a study done by St. Louis University, 10 percent of over 100,000 patients prescribed opioids developed depression after a month of using the medications. These were patients that had not received a diagnosis of depression prior to treatment. This proves that those who use opioids have a higher chance of developing depression. Many individuals living with depression reach for opioids as a way to lift their spirits or to numb painful thoughts, and unfortunately, their opioid addiction can translate into a lost life. Because opioid addiction changes the brain in fundamental ways. As a result, their mentally will be get worse. Moreover, when people saturated with opioids, they will find higher intensity membrane stimulants such as heroin. When it comes to heroin, it’s easy to stop for a lifetime. In fact, opioid addiction brings more negatively unpredictable effects to mentally than people might think.

Third, opioids abuse directly affect the quality of life. Due to the effects of opioids to physically as well as mentally. Their limbs do not work as normal people. They will meet trouble with many situations such as: hand shake, standing unsteady, … and become more careless. So their daily activities will be disturbed. Efficiency and productivity in the workplace will decline. People will be lagging behind the pace of society. And people will easily fall into the depression, they could harm themselves. After all, people might suicide, because they could not control their emotions. In reality, opioids abuse has many terrible impacts to the quality of people life. As any rate, opioid addiction directly affects on people’s physical, mental, and quality of life. Perhaps people have been too despised for its harm. People only see it as normal needs when we treat with drugs. And this is the time, people need to seriously correct the habit of drug treatment. People should learn to understand their body better, and how to say ‘No!’ with doctor when they do not really need opioid treatments. As a result, people could solve a problem about opioid addiction. 

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