The Opioids are very Dangerous and very Addictive

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What is the opioid epidemic? They are a group of chemicals that reduce pain, increase pleasure, and make your breathing slow down. This opioid can be deadly if it were to cause and overdose. They are usually prescribed to treat severe pain. They opioids can be very addictive and they can also be deadly due to the overdose.

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“The Opioids are very Dangerous and very Addictive”

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The opioid epidemic causes a lot of health problems such as slow down breathing, cause brain damage etc. These drugs have caused the death rates to increase in the past years. They people become addicted to the opioids because their body think that the drug is necessary. In which addiction takes a hold of the brains in several ways, in which is more consisting of many different and connected parts. There has been misuse with both prescription and non-prescription, and the deaths were involved with a prescription opioid.. Two-thirds of those deaths were attribute to the opioid overdoses. There are some signs of addiction such as spending time alone and avoiding others, losing interest in activities, not bathing, being very tired and sad, eating less, being nervous, quickly changing moods etc. These would just be some of the most signs that you will see and know that there is an opioid addiction. The opioid overdoses have killed more than forty- seven thousand people, the mortality rate had contributed to the third straight yearly declined.

If you were to realize that someone is suffering of addiction you should contact a physician or another health professional. You can also approach them by making them acknowledge that it may take several attempts at treatment and for them to find their best approach. While they are in treatment you can store the opioids in a safe and a secure place therefore, they won’t be anywhere near in the eyes of the person trying to get help from an opioid addiction. Also, you are to never share your prescription to anyone because all you could be causing is a lot of damage to that person that may be trying to leave all of addiction behind but yet still has temptations. You may never throw the unused opioids in the trash because someone else may find them and just start taking them and end up becoming addicting to the opioids.

What is being done to alleviate this problem? They have a lifesaving drug which is the Naloxone. The Naloxone is a medication that make the opioid reverse overdose and may even restore breathing. Although the naloxone can only be prescribed by a physician, and it is also carried by police officers and other emergency medical responders. In conclusion, the opioids are very dangerous and very addictive.

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