A World Without Nuclear Weapons


Is a world without nuclear weapons really achievable? A nuclear weapon is cruel and causes massive loss of life. In our world today there is around 10,000-15,000 nuclear weapons with a estimated whopping 2,500 megatons of destructive power. According to Global Zero yes it’s possible for a nuke free earth.

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“A World Without Nuclear Weapons”

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The First Nuclear Security Summit

This summit was held in Washington April 12-13, 2010. This meeting was not primarily towards a nuclear free world but for its actions to prevent less risk of nuclear theft, accident, and terrorism. Forty Seven countries and three international organizations participated in this summit. For example, Mexico agrees to convert its high enriched uranium (usable for bombs) from a research reactor to a lower enriched uranium (not usable). Ukraine agreed to eliminate its stocks of highly enriched uranium within two years. The United States and Russia agreed to eliminate a large stock of plutonium; and so on. Obama was the president at this time and gave a speech and brought high-level attention to the global threat posed by nuclear terrorism and advanced a common approach to strengthening nuclear security.

A Nuclear Weapon

Nuclear weapons are cruel and indiscriminate. They wreak havoc and cause massive loss of life destroying habitats, communities, cities, and much more. There is existence of around 15,000 nuclear warheads worldwide with the destructive power of around 2,500 megatons of destructive power enough to destroy a planet several times over. That is a big reminder of our vunerability and urgent need to eliminate these atrocious weapons as soon as possible to ensure they will never be used again. Austria, Brazil, Ireland, M?©xico, Nigeria and South Africa, as part of a group of more than a hundred-and-twenty states, are convinced that the current security environment allows no room for procrastination. Also it states that they believe humanity can’t wait for the right time to eliminate nuclear weapons. It’s the only way to insure the protection of mankind from destruction of itself.

The Effects of Nuclear Weapons

Even if a nuclear weapon were never again exploded over a city, the effects from the production, testing and use of nuclear arsenals that are experienced as an ongoing personal and community catastrophe by many people around the globe. The immediate effects of nuclear weapons: When a nuke goes of the heart of it reaches a temperature of several million degrees. This heat literally vaporizes any human tissue in a wide area. At Hiroshima, people who were in an open area had their shadows burn into stone walls and floors. That’s all that remain of them. Near-immediate effects: People that are inside building or shielded from the flash will be either killed by the blast or heat effects. Any flammable material will catch fire and buildings will collapse. The immediate rate of death will crank up to 90%. Long lasting effects: Nuclear fallout will occur and radiation will be spread hundreds of miles. Also killing people from immensely far away. Scientists estimate the casualties in Hiroshima to be about 140,000 from nuclear fallout. Ukraine in 1986, radioactive rain fell over for days in a wide arc across Northern Europe, from Scandinavia to Scotland, Cumbria and Wales, a distance of over 1,700 miles! These weapons are atrocious and reak distrouction to humanity, they should be banned.

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