Nuclear War and Religion

The big bang of the atomic bomb has caused mix emotions with in the various religious communities. The thinking process behind the atom bomb on Hiroshima has argued the it was warfare with the suicide of Japanese soldiers. Some are elated that the actions of launching the bomb quickly ended the war.

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Some Catholics opposed this action while more than half of the United states Catholics agreed with the president decision to bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The patriotic mind set of Americans has caused humans to become excessive with Patriotism. The national anthem has become the man justification for Americans to approved and accept that going to winning wars is the focus. Author Herman Melville wrote in the novel Moby Dick Americans are peculiar, chosen people- the Israel of our time; we bear the ark of the liberties of the world. God has predestinated, mankind expects, great things from our race. (White-Jacket, ch36).

This belief was the justification for our government action. History of past war are based on making sure that the ruling and powering of other countries is justified by being the last and best hope for humans to live on. The catholic church believes that the church requires specific conditions of justified war doctrine to exist. Some of these conditions are there must success in the prospect. Efforts for peace must be shown to be able to work.

Using a weapon must not be done for evil purposes and the power isn’t for destruction but to make a stand for the beliefs and constitution. The mission when going to war belief is to win a war. The catholic church dislikes this meaning because it is overstressed with unjustified reasoning as well as the force to fight is against their religion. This goes against the desire for the church to seek peace by any means necessary. The Catholic church principles of the war is genocide. The undying number of casualties has caused the main argument for the invasion of Japan be the opinion of the church. The teaching is to not be permissible to focus on non-combatants intentionally. Pope ST. John XXIII stated in 1936 stated that everyone must realize that, unless the process of disarmament must go complete thought man soul and touch it in the most heartfelt complying way because then and only then will this stop arms race and reduce the fear and anxiety from men’s mind.

The church has not gone against the belief and prefers for the thought and development of nuclear weapons be eliminated. It has been stated that Billions have been spent to provide weapons of mass destruction. When the Cold War ended some visions of a peaceful world became the focal point of interest in anything involving the nuclear attack and the talk of its impact has dissolved. We can gain vision of today’s situation by looking back at what was called the secret weapon. Over $2 billion has been spent with President Truman approval to take a huge gamble on creating and launching the atomic bomb. Granted it was a great success and we won. With this great accomplishment United states released another bomb that cleared Nagasaki. This caused the Japanese to give up and with this happening caused World War II to end. Serious commentators recognized the bomb’s potential for global destruction. But others expressed the utopian belief that the awesome power of the atom would make future wars unthinkable.

The Public became afraid about the fear of communism after the bombing. In 1950 the Koreans kicked off a serious war against America. President Truman has been threatening to use another atomic bomb if possible to stop the communists. When culture was exploiting the atomic bomb, the government kicked off a Civil Defense campaign which allowed the teaching of Americans how to protect each other from nuclear attack. The government also pushed for Americans to create a bomb shelter with enough supplies to hold a family in their shelter for weeks if another nuclear bomb was to be launched and landed on north America.

The typical visions of the Nuclear bombing were very vague from people whom witnessed and were involved in the bombing. This is due to some having an emotional view of the bombing and others having facts of the event. Men kept the mouths closed about their experience and emotions of the attack. However, many of the females that spoke on the matter stated that it was horrific due the emotions of attaching them to the killing of children and woman that were innocent in the war.

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