North America on the Eve of the European Invasion

Invasion in this context refers to an offensive act of the military forces composed of combatants of a given geopolitical body, entering in another geopolitical body’s territory aggressively with either an aim of conquering them, liberating or even re-enforcing control over them by deforming the well-established administration governance or a mish mash of all. It is believed that invasion can either start a war or end one. After going through the article the eve of the North American invasion to the European, I have come to learn the journey of Hiawatha and the stranger by the name Dekanahwideh.

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“North America on the Eve of the European Invasion”

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Dekanahwideh was believed to have been sent on a mission to seek for peace by the well-known spirit known as the peacemaker. The spirit is believed to have given Dekanahwideh the role of unifying all of the Iroquois. The village hand thrived in peace for generations as a self-reliant, until around the birth of Hiawatha when a drastic change in the weather came to pass. This conditions led to the rise of conflict. On the other hand, Hiawatha was just a man from Mohawk Nation who was found by Dekanahwideh in his quest in search of food.

Hiawatha went ahead and married among the Mohawks, where he continued with Dekanahwideh mission of informing the people the message of the peacemaker. Here he came across people who believed in the message and those who strongly opposed it, the like of Tadadaho who was a leader among the Onondaga people. Later on, the opposing group attacked Hiawatha, they killed his family forcing Hiawatha to flee into the woods once more.

The Powhatan is later on born among the villages who thought his life the condition of the weather grew unceasingly poorer and further more conflict had become a common factor among the villagers in the villages. Nonetheless, the stranger appeared on the show of the village and in the name of trade they took women and their children away and never returned them. This was seconded by a great disease which killed many.

With due time the Powhatan became of age and inherited the position of the Weroance to the grouped six villages. He called upon the hundreds of fighting men from the six villages, where he used his diplomatic knowledge as well as encouraging intermarriage to remove the strangers.

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