The Biggest Seaborne Invasion in History

Do you want to learn more about the biggest seaborne invasion in history? First the weapons used in D-Day was incredible. Second the beaches are the main part of this day because the day was the biggest sea born mission. Last the allies formed during this huge event between america and germans . D-Day was the important operation that changed or took effect in world war 2.

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“The Biggest Seaborne Invasion in History”

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D-Day wouldn’t be possible without the weapons we used and made. Field agents used automatic weapons like the M1 Garand and the M3 also known as the grease gun. One of the main weapons needed to win World War 2 was the landing craft which was a craft to carry soldiers into battle.Did you know around 18.2 million weapons were used in World War 2. Those were the weapons used to be able to win WW2.

D-Day was a successful day but it was also a day of lose the losses of soldier a lot of men and women were killed in just the beaches.First the Sword Beach was on of the beaches attacked that day roughly 200,000 germans were killed or injured. Anotbeach attacked was the Juno Beach over 425,000 allied forces and germans were killed in this beach.And the last beach attacked this day was the Utah Beach around 6,637 people were killed in this beach. In over 631,637 people were killed that day only on the beaches.

The reason we won were the allies we made to stand together and fight and free the Germans. In America our allies were Great Britain, France, Soviet Union, and China. Then on the germans side was germany, Italy, and Japan. Last there were two names for these groups for the America and our allies we were called Allies and for Germany and its Allies we called them the Axis. Those were the allies formed and the names for those groups to win ww2.

Those were all you need to about D-Day.Many people were killed that day but many were saved. That day will be a day to remember and to appreciate who sacrificed their lives to free us and others in the world.Around 687714 people were killed in D-Day. In the end D-Day was a successful day of sacrifice and victory.

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