Conflict Resolution under Domestic Violence

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Conflict is ubiquitous. That is a fact of life. It is not limited to your workplace or your home or in a public setting, rather it involves situations and even intangibles. Per, conflict can be defined as a mental struggle resulting from incompatible or opposing needs, drives, wishes, or external or internal demands. Contemporarily speaking, our society is a testament of conflicts or "unrest" as significantly attributable to humankind's doing. On a global scale, racialization, bullying, environment-related concerns and high crime rates have been ongoing constant fixtures in the headlines. In line with high crime rates, a research will be collated taking into account domestic violence and on how conflict and conflict resolution interrelate to it.

Domestic Violence

In general, domestic violence is quite broad in context although it can be defined as maltreatment that takes place in any interpersonal relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual (Prittie, J. & Hunter, N.). As per Prittie, J. & Hunter, N., domestic violence, also known as Intimate Partner Violence, is often thought of as physical, but can also be sexual, financial, mental, and/or emotional in nature. The abuse can encompass anyone, a combination of, or all of the different types of abuse. The abuse itself is determined by the aggressor and is merely a function of their exertion of control over their victim. Often the aggressor's main objective is to establish their dominance over their victim. Any injuries or pain inflicted upon their victim is secondary to this objective, merely a byproduct (Prittie, J. & Hunter, N.). Certain theories have been conceptualized to explain the causes that provoke domestic violence: social learning, conflict theory, feminist theory, and attachment theory. (Prittie, J. & Hunter, N.)

Social Learning

Social learning pertains to embodying a behavior witnessed back in childhood. This could be well encompassed by a scenario wherein a son had been a battery victim in the hands of his father, and he grew up to have adapted the same style when arguing or imposing his case with his partner.

Conflict Theory

Conflict theory professes that conflict is inevitable in a group or a society, including families, and has a tendency to become more violent. Per, a more recent example is rapper Fabolous' case wherein he is being charged of domestic violence, aggravated assault and making terroristic threats.

Feminist Theory

Feminist theory stresses out a sense of patriarchy in men to get and keep control over their female partners. Another example is with another rapper/R&B singer Chris Brown. Who could have forgotten or missed out the domestic charges filed against him by his erstwhile girlfriend Rihanna?

Attachment Theory

Attachment theory relates to strength and closeness to be associated with violence at home. This can be attributed to implementing-discipline-gone-overboard at home which could escalate to far more serious charges such as battery, aggravated assault, or worse, manslaughter. However, this is not limited to the notion of implementing discipline since this could also be sexually-motivated, such as sexual advances or harassment.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution is conceptualized as the elimination of the perceived incompatibility between the opposing parties through negotiation by their representatives (Daniel Bar-Tal., (2000, p.351). It can also be defined as the methods and processes involved in facilitating the peaceful ending of conflict and retribution. On a given intimate partner relationship, at most, the female gender almost always turns out to be the victim under domestic violence. Hypothetically, one might deduce that it is motive that triggers such violent reaction/ action, along with poverty, alcohol and drug abuse as risk factors, however, on a bigger scale, there have been known strategies or approaches in order to minimize or negate the notion of domestic violence towards women (Jewkes, R., 2002, p. 1427).

Creating a Climate of Non-tolerance of Intimate Partner Violence

These cover comprehensive legislation on sex equality, intimate partner violence, sexual violence and sexual harassment. It also could involve training and monitoring the police and criminal justice system, raising awareness through media or social media and supporting community action or non-governmental organizations that assists abused women.

Empowering Women and Improving Their Status in Society

These include but are not limited to improving opportunities for women's employment, levels of female education and involvement in political activities.

Reducing Use of Violence

The concept speaks of reducing physical punishment in child rearing, legislate ban on corporal punishment, reducing portrayal of violence in media and gun-control activities.

Research and Monitoring

This involves allocation of funds to support research into development and assessment of interventions in all sectors.


Being a universal phenomenon, domestic violence should be dissected in context and understanding to be able to fully address its extent. On a personal level, to understand how the human brain reacts should be in the same degree with how an individual responds in a society. Conflict resolution is essential since it alleviates and prevents possible violence among parties, community or society. Both the government and every constituent should work together to be able to cope with such violence since this could agitate and add up to crime rate.

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