Conflict Resolution and Disagreements

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Conflict is a normal part of work which reveals disagreement resulting from individuals or teams that they have various attitudes, beliefs, values or needs. It is the biggest problem at workplace for managers and for the employees as well. It makes the environment bad and it put impact on the company’s performance as well. Different people have different perceptions and ideas to do something, they act according to their believes. So, sometimes they are correct but just their thoughts are different.

Causes of conflict at workplace

There are a lot of causes behind the dispute at workplace, let’s discuss about those:

-Personality clashes:

It can be occurred within a team or may be individually. A team can be upset when a new member of staff joins as sometimes, we can’t easily mingle with that person and may be that lead to unhelpful. So, it goes to conflict when we are unable to handle challenging situation.

-Poor communication:

Poor communication is a very common issue which you can see everywhere. To instance, at my workplace there are lot of people who are from different countries and they have their different cultural values, Sometimes the problem comes with language, they are unable to understand each other. They have their own ideas to solve anything. In this way, things are same just the ways are different.

-Lack of equal opportunities:

You can see sometimes employees have lack of opportunities at a same workplace. To exemplify, promotion opportunities, lack of development opportunities, lack of career advancement and so on.

Opportunities matter a lot for financial, career, personal and Professional growth.


In this competitive era, we can see competition everywhere even in the school as well. There is always someone who seems to want to do everything better than everyone else. These days most of the companies are fostering competitive environment to keep up their reputation on top. It impacts on other companies as well, sometimes they start to do some unethical things to compete with them.

Types of conflict in the workplace

1. Leadership conflict:

Leadership is a vital part of any workplace. Every leader has their own way of leading a team and they usually use their own styles however employees have to follow the leadership of different people in a day. So, dealing with various leadership styles, may cause irritation and confusion.

2. Conflicting work styles:

Everyone has their own style and perceptions to do anything. To exemplify, some people like to work in a team so they get support, on the other hand some people like to work individually, they don’t like other’s interference and they want to do their task with their own way.

Therefore, if they are forced to do anything, definitely they will indulge into conflict.


When a task does not get completed and an employee is about to be reprimanded for failing to do his job, he might put the blame on another co-worker to prevent himself. This will create a dispute between them because the employee is irresponsible regarding his job.

4.Differences in background/Gender:

Most of the people have different educational backgrounds, ethnic heritage, personal experience, gender and differences in age. So, conflict can arise between them.


When conflicts go to long debate, it effects on productivity and teamwork. So, we need to address that using conflict resolution strategies in the workplace. You should have skills to resolve the conflict effectively. There are some effective conflict resolution strategies:

-Promote teamwork

-Broadcast praise

-Listen carefully

-Find agreement

-Provide guidance

-Be quick to forgive


As per my perception, conflicts arise because of the lack of understanding. We just need to understand and motivate each other.

We should create a good work environment with appropriate planning of events. You should have the skills to handle the competitive situation in all aspects.

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