Influence of Research on Mental Health Practice

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Mental health is a crucial part of the overall wellness of a human being. The United States of America is committed to providing quality mental health care to its citizens. Mental health agencies and other facilities advocate for the prevention of mental illnesses through early identification of signs related to these illnesses. Various studies show that the rates of occurrence of mental illnesses among the American people have increased over the years. The government in conjunction with the health sector has dedicated resources to ensure that mental health patients have access to health care. The treatment rates have reduced significantly. More patients are now able to access healthcare services by use of insurance coverage. However, there is need to improve the workforce in this sector in order to cater for all the increasing needs of these patients. Research shows that mental illnesses among the youth rose from 6% in 2012 to 8% in 2015.Depression among the youth is mainly caused by peer pressure (Flannelly, 2017, p. 230). Social media is also a major contributor to mental illnesses in the country. Many youths isolate themselves from real life situations and depend on social media for comfort and entertainment. As a result, they experience a lot of bullying on social media. If they do not have access to counseling services, these youths suffer from depression and some go to an extent of committing suicide. Drug and alcohol abuse is also a major cause of mental health disorders. Research shows that in America, one in five adults suffers from a mental illness. This translates to over thirty-five million citizens. Special care treatment programs have been established to provide effective treatment to mental health patients. Services such as guidance and counseling are provided in the mental health facilities. Patients are also given antipsychotic drugs depending on the diagnosis. The federal legislation system includes rules and regulations governing mental health care in the country. These rules and regulations apply to various sectors such as healthcare institutions, insurance companies, schools, employers and treatment providers. The mental health act covers issues regarding parity and addiction issues. The federal government ensures that the rights of mental health patients are protected in all places such as schools and treatment facilities (Grob, 2014, p. 24). It also ensures that privacy standards are adhered to and that quality accommodations are provided to these patients. Apart from ensuring that these patients get effective treatment, the federal government also facilitates funding of research activities such as mental health disorders. The National Institute of Mental Health leads the research activities and creates awareness of the findings among the public. The government provides grants to assist in the building of more mental health facilities in the country (Flannelly, 2017, p. 230). Capella University offers a mental health counseling program that assists students to become better healthcare providers. The students are taught various counseling theories that are applied in the provision of mental health services. Practices and field activities are also a major part of the course. They prepare the students to overcome the challenges that they will encounter in future as they work in private, public and institutional settings. As a social work worker in a mental health care agency, I would like to pursue this program at Capella University and develop my professional career. Due to the increasing occurrences of mental disorders among the American citizens, healthcare practitioners encourage people to engage in activities that will improve their mental health. People who have good mental health make healthy life choices and build good relationships with others. A stable mind also helps an individual to overcome the challenges they face in life.


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