Much Ado about Nothing by Shakespeare

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Much Ado About Nothing is a play that was originally written by Shakespeare and was eventually turned into a hit movie in 1993 by Kenneth Branagh. It features two main characters that are shown deeply throughout the movie, Benedick and Beatrice. These two are shown from the beginning to have feelings for one another, and everyone can see that except themselves.

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“Much Ado about Nothing by Shakespeare”

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Branagh portrays both Benedick and Beatrice as uncapable of love, never to be married, and jokesters. Everyone sees Benedick as the witty player who makes a joke of everything, while Beatrice is seen as the lady who plays continuous jokes on those around her and is assumed to despise marriage. These two are seen connecting from the start of the play, and you can see them partake in a battle of wits, puns, and jokes. Not only are these two characters shown as the most interesting in the movie, Branagh also goes in depth in revealing the true desires and personalities of the characters, not just what they wear on the outside. Beatrice is actually very open to the idea of love no matter how much she ignores it and is just waiting for the right man. She is shown as a very independent woman who won’t dare to be controlled by a husband, yet when Hero tricks her and she overhears Benedick’s feelings, she lets all the vulnerabilities that come along side love in. The same can be said for Benedick. Branagh used Benedick as the character who undergoes a major emotional change in the movie, and its truly shown towards the end. Benedick is firstly portrayed as someone who creates jokes out of everything and talks about their feelings through puns. He refuses marriage to anyone, and everyone believes he will never change.

Instead, Branagh shows Benedick taking the side of Beatrice after she requests him to kill Claudio. Since Claudio and Benedick are best friends, this was a major emotional change in Benedick and truly shows the depth of his character and what’s hiding behind all those jokes. This relationship between Benedick and Beatrice is not only interesting to watch, it has been historic and has paved the way for multiple other romantic comedies to be birthed. Branagh portrayed these two with no detail left out, and anyone can see that they’re made for each other.

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