Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147 Analysis

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Shakespeare’s Sonnets are some of the most interesting and famous poems written in English. First published in 1609, almost nothing is known about the poems’ style. But the Sonnets have been read, interpreted, reprinted and written about ever since their first idea. This piece will examine why the Sonnets are so important to the history of English poetry and why they continue to be enjoyed and studied today.

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“Shakespeare’s Sonnet 147 Analysis”

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Studying Shakespeare is important because his works are deep and they can improve a reader’s life in many ways. For instance, his works are very strong in the English language and are a good source of learning the language. Shakespeare added many words to the English vocabulary and they are still in use. The beauty of 154 sonnets is absolutely amazing, even though they are difficult to learn, but by understanding his sonnets, we have taken a huge step towards modern English, because his sonnets have deeper thoughts. The works make one sensitive to the English language. Moreover, his works are a challenge because they are not very easy but once a person can study them and understand there is a feeling of accomplishment. The beauties of 154 sonnets are absolutely amazing, although they are difficult to learn, but by understanding his sonnets, we have taken a huge step towards modern English because his sonnets have deeper thoughts.

The Themes of Love in Shakespear’s Love poetry has been written for many centuries. The ideas represented by Shakespeare are still relevant today. Love is not a physical thing it is an emotion so it can be observed in many different ways. The belief that the first 126 sonnets are addressed to a man and that the rest are addressed to a woman has become the popular modern view. For example, the sonnet 147  impresses upon numerous issues essential to human feelings, the pressure is to love a person with the same natural situations or things, the passion to prove that love is a powerful feeling that can change a person. The messages in his works are relevant even today.

Shakespeare is relevant today and has stood the test of time. Readers can resonate with the universal message his works pass. The sonnets are a good source for the English literature and so one cannot claim to understand without understanding Shakespeare. He is the support of the English literature and so it would be ill-advised to remove him and important for student’s studies.

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