William Shakespeare and his Literary

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I will analyze a work of a writer who is very very famous in England and has many works in his time. The works are very good and become popular because they have moral values ??that are embodied in the work. William Shakespeare is a famous English writer who works as a playwright, poet and actor. His works are always known by the people and even known by people in the world, there is even one work by William Shakespeare which is very famous and has become a spectacle or entertainment in the community especially in the world. Those works at that time were greatly appreciated by the people of England and became the best work of William Shakespeare and were always remembered until now.

In considering the life of William Shakespeare there were a number of things and comments in his lifetime. In his time very large and complicated in his own pride showed that he was most fit to show this abuse. In 1595 his name appeared on the Lord Chamberlain actor company list, which appeared on the Court. During this period it can be concluded that William Shakespeare prospered in worldly affairs, and he reiterated once again that he was a great actor at that time. William Shakespeare is widely considered to be the greatest scientist in the world even now his name is still known and entered into British history at this time. (Albert, Edward. 1955. History of English Literature.)

William Shakespeare is recognized by the world as a famous writer throughout the world. His works were appreciated and loved by scholars, actors and language people throughout the world. William Shakespeare wrote interesting works so people will be increasingly curious about what will be created and is still relevant today. The works tell the story of the queen and the prince and have a sad story so that the audience is also sad to see the story, there is also a love story that makes the audience laugh when enjoying the story. He wrote with a high imagination, with inspiration and gentleness.

William Shakespeare was born on April 26, 1564 and died on April 23, 1616. William Shakespeare the actor and writer he was also known as Stratford-upon-Avon, England, he also played theater in 1594 and so on. Professional life forms art in that era is very needed to form the characters of art observers later. For 20 years William Shakespeare became the author of his works, capturing various emotions and conflicts. Known throughout the world the works of William Shakespeare have been enjoyed by all people in the world, villages, cities and hamlets. William Shakespeare has a father named Jonh Shakespeare and his mother named Mary Shakespeare, while the siblings owned by William Shakespeare are Joan Shakespeare, gilbert shakespeare, Edmund Shakespeare, Margaret Shakespeare, Richard Shakespeare. From a young age William Shakespeare had loved art, that is why he began to work and continue to work until he had good work and was interested in society.

He married at the age of 18 with a woman named Anne Hathaway on November 28, 1582 in Worcester, at Canterbury. In marriage they have three children named Hamnet Shakespeare, Susanna Hall, and Judith Quiney. William Shakespeare is the third child of John Shakespeare, William has two older sisters named Joan and Judith and also has 3 younger brothers named Gilbert, Richard and Edmund. William Shakespeare had attended King's New School, in Strathmore, then taught reading, writing. As a child William's officials will surely fulfill the tuition fees. Ten years later William Shakespeare had made several very popular works such as Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Othello, Macbeth and King Lear. The work is very much in demand by the public and enjoyed throughout the world.

The life of William Shakespeare in seven years of life where there was no record after the birth of his twin brother in 1585. That year after losing William scholars mentioned the 'lost year' in that period. In early 1590 William Shakespear was the implementing partner at the lord chamberlain's men, the place was an acting company in london. William was very trusted in acting and in making works that would be published and sold as popular literature.

Here are some of the remains of William Shakespeare there are 38 famous dramas created by Willian and also some small dramas worked on by others, he also wrote 154 sonatas and wrote 3 or 4 long poems. The existence of these works has a profound effect on economic and socio-political developments and influences religious beliefs, the development of art. At the beginning of his career William Shakespeare was able to attract the attention of Henry Wriothesley, Earl of Southampton. That's where he dedicates his poetry and is widely known by the public. William Shakespeare's death he died at the age of 52, April 23, 1616. William left most of his inheritance to his eldest daughter, Susanna.

One of the famous english writers is william shakespeare. His works tell a lot about the lives of nobles such as hamlet and othelo, there is one of his most famous works in the world of filmmaking, romeo and juliet. Here are five of the best works of william shakespeare, romeo and juliet, the works of william shakespear are not far from the story of the love drama this story is the best work of william shakespeare, tells of two young couples who love and love each other. Othello, this story tells of someone who served as a general in the country of italy, he had a wife named Desdemona who had an affair with cassio. After the incident Othello killed his wife because he didn't accept being cheated on him. Hamlet, this story begins when hamlet's father, a danish king and tells his uncle to take the throne and marry his mother. King lear, here tells of a rich king and wants to share his wealth with his three children, goneril, regan, and cordella. His two children had married Goneril and Regan, his father only wanted to give his wealth to his married child, before Goneril and regan intended to kill his father, while Cordella who truly loved his father was expelled from the palace. Macbeth, this work tells of a general named macbeth who was under the rule of duncan i, king of scotland. Here I will choose one of William Shakespeare's works to analyze is Romeo and Juliet.

Romeo and Juliet tell the story of two people who love each other very much, but are blocked by their hostile parents and forbid the relationship of their loving children. This story is tragic like a change between comedy in ancient times, this story was written in 1591 to 1595, the story of Romeo and Juliet was first performed in 1597. In this drama using sub-plots to fill stories, this drama also came from various poems and characters. The story in this drama is quite tragic because it tells Romeo to kill brother from Juliet for giving up their love. In the end of this story is very sad because Romeo and Juliet are both dead, from Juliet's pretense to die because it is not agreed to marry Romeo and will be betrothed to someone else. After Juliet falls asleep or pretends to be dead, Romeo joins Juliet by killing himself but after that Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead beside him, then Juliet kills himself and finally Romeo and Juliet die together. The influence of the work greatly affects the community and gives moral value to the people who enjoy the drama because giving lessons about love that should not be forced must choose who we love someone.

The last is conclusion of this essay a famous writer named William Shakespeare who has the best works in the world and has many works ranging from small. William, from childhood, really likes art because of that he was inspired to make an interesting work, until he grew up he had many works and was loved by people in the world.


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