Every City Needs Public Transportation

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Good public transit can provide convenient life for people in the city and it also develop the city economically.in a city like Sacramento, where it`s people rely on transportation, needs a good public transportation system, but it is expensive for many people especially poor people who make a lot of calculations for spending their money. There are many students, who walk or ride bicycle for long distances, not taking bus in order to save money for emergency time such as going to the doctor or paying the rent.

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“Every City Needs Public Transportation”

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Many agencies such IRC offer free bus ticket for people to attend to their program when I got to America they offered me free bus ticket to attend their workshops.they know that people will not attend to workshops because of transportation expenses. If public transportation were cheaper moving around the city for shopping, going to work would be a lot convenient for people because they can make many stops along their way and do their daily activities without thinking about their transport expenses every time they use it. Good public transit system means access to different parts of the city faster and cheaper.

This enables people to take part time job with minimum wage across the city without losing their opportunity in favor of something closer to their home. In a city such as Sacramento with full of immigrant people public transportation is very important. Especially for these people because they are weak financially and isolated from other people because they do not have language skill to talk with them. Public transport can help them to hang out with the people who speak the same language. Public transit systems have a lot of impacts on those who do not have a lot of options to get in to some parts of the city. Public transit system enables everyone to access different part of the city. All it will cost them is time. There are many good arguments to make public transport cheaper.

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