Michael Jeffrey Jordan Biography

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Michael Jordan was born in Brooklyn,New York. Born on February 17,1963, Michael is now at the age of 56 years old. Till this day Michael Jordan is still alive at age 56.He attended Trask Middle School and received multiple awards including one for basketball and football as well. In 1997, Michael started to attend Emsley A. Laney High School.There he was a very intelligent child and excelled in multiple sports: baseball, basketball, and football.

Born in Brooklyn New York, Michael and his family was forced to move to Wilmington, North Carolina when michael was still a toddler. Michael is the fourth of a family of five children so he was almost the youngest in the family. Michael’s family is made of two older brothers, Larry and James Jordann one older sister Deloris and one younger sister Roslyn Jordan. His mother worked as a banker and Jordan’s father worked as a General Electric Plant Supervisor. Comment by Appleberry, Mitiza: were Comment by Appleberry, Mitiza: capitalization Comment by Appleberry, Mitiza: Jordan
Michael Jordan is one of if not the best player in NBA history. Michael Jordan after dominating on and off the court the entire year of 1990 he became the most decorated player in the NBA. Michael Jordan is a five time NBA most valuable player. Famous for being a six time nba champion in 1991-1993 and 1996-1998, Michael was the most admired and sought after player in the NBA for many years after he retired. Named Rookie of the Year in 1985 Jordan played a very important role in leading the team he played for to the NBA Playoffs and eventually the NBA Finals. Years later Michael retired from the NBA. He no longer had the desire to play the sport any longer, instead he sought to play baseball and eventually signed a contract with the Chicago White Sox in 1994.

The reason in chose Michael Jordan is because he is an inspiration to not only people that chooses to know about his particular sport, but everyone that knows about Michael Jeffrey Jordan see him as a role model to people off all ages all sports and all races. Michael was an amazing person on and off the court and he inspires me to do my best on and off the court as well and on and off the track. He never let any negativity get in his way of what he wanted to accomplish. Michael Jordan will always be apart of history and his own legacy.

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