A Comparison of Electric Vehicles and Gas Powered Cars in Modern Transportation

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Whoa! A car that you don't have to bring to the gas station? Don't have to pay for gas anymore? This may interest some people, but to others this sounds absurd. Electric and gas powered cars have many similarities and they also have their differences. Both cars are a mode of transportation, and both are meant for the same sole purpose; however, people have reasons for liking and disliking each car. Each car has its advantages, and each car can still use improvement. This comparison is a highly controversial topic. One's choice in an electric or gas car can be accredited to the different circumstances one may encounter, it also can be accredited to preference and many other factors.

First let's start with gas powered cars, that everybody has come to know. Gas powered cars are in almost every household, whether they are owned or being financed. There is not much variety when it comes to picking a type of power in a car. Many car enthusiasts will tell you that there is nothing better than gas powered cars. Whether they are fixing them, driving them, improving them, or spending countless hours studying their workings, they know the ins and outs of gas powered cars. If you were to ask a car enthusiast, he or she would say: "It is not the same with electric powered cars at all." Some people like the sheer power capabilities of gas powered cars; this power is used for hauling boats and other heavy items like trailers or another car. Racing is a popular hobby or profession with gas poweredcars, people love watching NASCAR and professional drivers race in NASCAR for a living. Gas powered cars are what everyone is already used to since electric cars have just recently hit the market. People adjust their lives around using a gas powered car to get to work, school, appointments, and also friends and families houses. Using a gas powered car leads people into a routine of going to the gas station to fill the car up with gas, but this does not have to be done with electric cars.

Electric powered cars are a fairly new product that has hit the market. They hit the headlines and news of these cars spread rapidly. Many people searched for a product like this and seemed to enjoy it. Since economic times are hard right now (people are short on money), many consumers have shown extreme interest in electric cars that save money by not using gas. By not having to spend money on gas, people can better their economic status.

Not having to fill a car with gas can feel like quite a luxury to some people. This new phenomenon puts consumers into a new routine which some may like; this new routine may also seem to save people time in their day. Along with saving time in the day consumers of the electric car will save money on gas which many frugal people will see to be beneficial.

Electric cars and gas powered cars can get you where you need to go, their sole purpose. There are different preferences and opinions in the market for cars: some car enthusiasts may want gas powered cars while some more frugal consumers may want the electric powered car. Either choice has its clearly stated reasons mentioned above. Giving consumers this opportunity to choose what type of car they would like to purchase is quite a nice option. I would go with gas powered cars for the mere fact that I am a car enthusiast who has grown to know and love the gas powered cars, regardless of the money consumption of gas. An electric powered car does not interest me as much as a gas powered car does and for those reasons would choose the gas powered car.

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