Mental Disorders Importance

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Mental health conditions serve as crucial problems for most adolescents in the United States and other parts of the world. When it comes to the reduction of the mental health conditions among adolescents, it is essential to focus on the establishment of counseling centers that focus on the well-being of adolescents. The centers will focus on providing counseling services to adolescents. The counseling centers also identify the reasons as to why adolescents are suffering from mental health conditions. Some conditions are either caused by depression, adverse social issues, or substance abuse. The adolescent may live in unstable environments that may facilitate their adverse mental health conditions (Naylor, Taggart, & Charles, 2017). The establishment of counseling and rehabilitation center serve as the right platforms to ensure the identification of problems that affect adolescents as per their mental health. Adolescents need to live under stable family and social environments for them to keep positive mental health in their lives.

Cost-effective Measures in Preventing HIV Virus transmission

?Sub-Saharan Africa has for an extended period depended on donor funding to prevent further spread of HIV. This is because of the high poverty rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. Concerning the above, it would be crucial to ensure that education and capacity building becomes an essential factor in controlling the spread of HIV in the country. Education focuses on the causes of HIV, diagnosis, and managing the conditions associated with it. It also looks into preventive measures such as the use of contraceptives such condom to prevent the spread of the condition. When it comes to South Asia, the virus is not as prevalent as it is in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the above case, it would mean introducing the contraceptives to prevent the condition. This is because the disorder is not as rampant as it is in Sub-Saharan Africa. It is essential to develop a vaccine for the disorder as it would prevent the virus from spreading and also strengthen the immune of those who have it. It would also control the spread of the disorder.

Mental Disorders Importance compared to Disease Burden

?Development and positive progress of society depend entirely on positive mental health among citizens. All developments will halt if everyone becomes unstable in mind. On the other hand, diseases are manageable in from their onset to recovery. Mental disorders are tough to handle. They require a significant investment in terms of resources and time. Anyone who goes through diagnosis and therapy with additional counseling may be different, even after achieving full recovery. Therefore, it would be difficult for mental treatment to take away the symptoms and outcomes associated with mental disorders compared to diseases (Emerson, Morrell, & Neece, 2016). The importance of dealing with mental disorders over the burden of diseases is because of the enormous magnitude of mental disorders on the psychological functioning of individuals. Despite receiving the right assistance in dealing with the associated symptoms, it would be hard for one to become fully functional.

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