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Converse Sneakers

Both the marketing plan and the business strategy are very simple, strategy plan is basically the process to manage activity to set your priorities, focus the resources and energy, strengthen the operations and make sure everyone involved is moving towards accomplishing the same goals.

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Planning is the action of anticipating the future events, the marketing plan is written documents that are looked upon as a gold book of marketing projects for the marketing side. Including the mission of business statement, objectives, marketing or the strategic strategy and the SWOT analysis.

Marketing Plan (Converse shoes)

Mission statement- A. My purpose of the marketing plan is to let it be known that Converse shoes will become the best rated shoes in the entire world. B. Getting into the business with Converse we are trying to take over the game beating out Under Armor, Nike, Adidas, Rebook and even BBB big baller brand. I think our goal to take over and beat out our competitors, one reason is because our prices will be drastically lower in kids, woman and men’s, another thought behind this is we can change the design to our look and outshine our competitors, ask the customers what they want? What color ways they prefer! C. A plan we have in our heads are to try to get more publicity, we may do this by bringing in a pro tennis player or a golf or even basketball players to maybe do a few training sessions for our beloved customers where they get to meet the players and they see them in the new converse wear and they need, want to have them!

All our basketball shoes are converse, although we have many of different styles such as converse 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.0 and the Air Wades! D Wade the three-time NBA champion sponsored a shoe by us. Each shoe is a different color way, but all have the same features except the D Wades we had to take those u a notch. The 1.0’s are white and black, the 2.0’s are blue and red, the 3.0’s are purple and yellow the 4.0’s are purple and orange, the 5.0’s are black and pink and of course the Air wades are black red and white for the team D Wade has played for basically his whole career the Miami Heat! Each shoe comes with an extra pair of shoe laces (customers choice) it can be literally any color of their desire. An awesome feature our shoe has is we have tiny holes through out our shoes, keeping from your feet from getting overly sweaty and it keeps the shoes from stinking, because people sweat rather if you are playing ball or working in an office, so we tried to help with that problem.

Our shoes are made of the best material known to man and in our factory, we have the best shoe creators from around the world putting them together therefore they are perfect when hitting the shelves. B. What we really stand out for is performance with our shoes when walking or running customers have said it feels like they are floating through the air. We have fans and customers from all over and our shipping is one of the best, get to the destination one day or two days at worst. We do not hit customers with shipping fees, we want the customer to shop again and want them to want to do so, so we try and provide everything we can and at it’s best. C. A few concerns and weaknesses we probably will face is the pricing and diffidently our competitors because we are more recent to the market. D. We are considering adding on to our product maybe by adding leggings for females and compressions for the men and socks for everyone. E. Shoes range from $ 60-100, socks $ 5-8, compressions/leggings $ 15-25. F. The products will be charged the same as listed. G. Shoes- 10 billion, 80%, Compressions- 20%, socks- 10%.

Market- Every basketball player from all age groups and skill level, from the Pro’s to beginners we really want our business to be world wide strong. Obviously America, we are targeting Spain, Europe and a huge market target for us will be China. B. A few key factors we will think about is basketball popular is it trending up or dying out. Can Converse be the key supply of basketball supplies and gear in these areas. C. We are working so hard as a team us in Converse believe we have no weaknesses, but we will reach out to customers and ask how their experience was and how we can better it the next go around. The customer is always right! D.

Size of our total market- 15,000 employees, 6600 million net income. E. We have gotten feed back about the color ways they have been very positive, they love them some even suggested color ways that they would like to see. We grow day by day worldwide. We plan to get more overseas professional athletes to sign deals with us with in this up coming year or two. F. Only effect we will have purchasing would be availability in stock we have in store and of course the prices. Basketball is not just a one-time season in the year it is going on all year long so we will not have a down season we will not have trouble selling. We will get our athletes to have appearances during the year and have them sign autographs. Of course, we will promote that, by television, radio, email and newspaper.

Competition- A. Competitors, I mean the list goes forever we have Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Under armor, Puma and Jordan. Those will be our main competitors. B. Strengths, being rarely new to basketball is a bright side we may can steal some customers from our competitors if we sway them to do so. They are raving about our color ways and designs and customers appreciate us asking what new colors they would like to see as well. I believe we can steal the name for best basketball shoe because of the insane grip, our ankle support and our shoe souls they feel like pillows. Weaknesses- We are new and going against top brands that have been in the game for a long time now. They have reputations through out the world already, and obviously more pro athletes on file. C. I’d guess that the way we market is the same way our competitors do as well, one thing I think we have better is the shipping process, so that’s great. Plus, we try to appeal to everyone of all ages.

Pricing A&B- Each and everyone of our products provide the profit for our firm. C. prices compare to the competitors we compete against but ours are slightly cheaper that is our advantage. 2. We set our prices lower than our competitors so that the lower community can afford our brand as well as the upper class. We provide so much apparel and we thrive off of everyone being able to purchase our athletic wear.

Distribution- A. An efficient way to get our service and product out to the public is promote sales, great customer service and guarantee satisfaction and if they order online, our shipping will be fast and efficient. B. we will throw in free stuff to certain customers that spend over a certain amount of money in the store on sight!

Promotion Mix- A. I will try and get us a recently new commercial that can air on television, we will reach out to radio stations we will try and be on billboards around the cities. 2. Will target the USA and even overseas, directed towards all the sport fans/ athletes of all ages! 3. All gear will be ready to sell on the shelves. B. we will be expanding our store in a few years, as a team we are leaning towards the year of 2021 we will have a huge in store sale when we expand.

Sales forecasting- A. Under Armor, Nike, Reebok, Adidas. B. converse our industry is on the rise and will compete with the top sports wear industries. C. we sell the same stuff throughout the year, but we will promote and have the non-season items on sale incase our customers shop for the non-season deals. (summer; winter deal) (winter; summer deal) D. Now- 25 Billion, 1st. “25 Billion, 2nd. “30 Billion, 3rd. “36 Billion. 4th. “42 Billion by next couple of years.

Production- A. Jobs have opened because we as a business are growing day by day. B. we prioritize by what season It is in the sport world because we are going to sell a lot of that wear.

Action Plan- 1. New gear and apparel every single quarter this is an every year thing, new color ways every year. 2.the appearances of our pro athletes, they will be in attendance to bring more customers in and our athletes love interacting with the kids and customers. 3. Training sessions with our athletes as well.

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