Management of Power

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There have been several changes in the Saint Louis Medical Clinic (SLMC) management. The new CEO will have to determine and implement various management styles in the clinic to make it more efficient. The organization structure will have to be redefined so as to come up with the best management team than the previous structures. The new CEO will use powers assigned to him to enable the SLMC to attain the set goals.

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“Management of Power”

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Leadership Theories

There are seven powers and strategies that the new CEO can implement or use. Through these powers, the CEO can be able to: reward power as obtained by the extrinsic and intrinsic motivation (Nicklin & Ford, 2014). In this strategy, subjects are supposed and expected to be loyal and devoted to the leader in charge. Secondly, the CEO will be able to punish the badly behaved subjects and the ones who misconduct in the clinic. Thirdly, the new CEO will have the legitimate power to control the hospital and make several changes in his capacity. Fourthly, the CEO can be able to promote his subjects when they perform well or improve from their previous performances. He or she will be able to reward workers depending on their abilities and their hard work in service delivery. The CEO will have power and mandate to extend charisma to the needy and deserving people on behalf of the hospital (Gittell, 2016).

Finally, he or she will be able to convey some information that is necessary for the juniors to know and keep the confidential information confidential. The transactional theory of leadership is involved with various activities. It utilizes manipulation and oppression using the power assigned. This is not likely to benefit the hospital as most of the hospital goals are long-term but are required to keep valid (Meuser & Liden, 2014). The use of power to punish or reward the hard-working personnel within the hospital is a vital thing applied in an attempt to fulfill the short-term goals of the hospital. The SLMC goals are attained and attempt to maintain a magnet status. These goals often require a change in the culture of the institution through the motivation and punishments assigned to the leader. The hospital management requires a leader that can be able to extend the hand of charisma to the suffering and be of help to them. This theory is important and helpful as it defines the context within which the leader can be able to act.

The shared governance model enables the shareholders to make significant policies that are likely to affect the way the hospital is run. This policy empowers nurses to implement the EBP to increase efficiency and effectiveness, safe care to the sick. The new CEO will be able to use intrinsic and extrinsic motivation methods to the staff. This is achieved by the flexibility of the schedules assigned to him, pass information to the major decision made and recommend and approve education to improve his junior’s performance (Legault, 2016). Shared governance model shares the forms the basis of EBP and promotes the evidence-based treatment. This is one of the best healthcare activities that allow nurses to make various decisions concerning patient care. This, in turn, increases patient satisfaction, professional growth, and a good interdisciplinary team within the hospital

Organizational Structure Influences

The SLMC has two types of organization structure. The first structure will give a clear outline of the authority that is effective and accountable. This organization structure may be disadvantageous if the organization does not respond quickly to the upward communication and goes outside formulated policies. The second type focuses on departmental functions. Some departments have overlapping authority which affects their performances. An example of this can be seen where a central’s supply worker is assigned to do a task on the cardiac floor, and the cardiac floor is managed by another supervisor who brings in a misunderstanding. The management affairs are not as simple as they may seem and often it has many challenges (Chernatony & Buil, 2013). The organization structure will be able to foster communication and take disciplinary actions against the staff. The SLMC is planning to implement a good leadership system with a magnet status.


SLMC is forecasting to change the organization structure and apply the leadership theory in an attempt to attain the magnet status. The hospital intends to the center of excellence by using the available hospital resources to give a good service to the Summerville and South Carolina at large. SLMC The good management will improve the hospital’s performance and reach out to more people. The hospital will make use of the shared governance model to manage its staffs. The hospital will be able to increase the staff involvement, and the model will empower the nurses to make some decisions in line with their duties. Good results and effective performance are expected by the hospital is likely to be experienced. The patient-centered care will ensure that the patients get good and quality services and are likely to recover within a short time.


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