Concept of Management


For the activities of an organization to run smoothly, there is a need to lay down proper management structures and management. Management is described as the process of planning, organizing, directing and controlling the organization’s resources to a specific predetermined goal(, 2014). A concise account of this management function will explain the management concepts.


Planning is the formulation of strategies, plans, programmes, procedures, policies, standards and objectives determination that is required to attain the goals of the organization. Henri Fayol described it as the plan of action to follow, the phases to go through and the process to utilize. It is important to note that the future of an organization is created by the consequences of actions and the laid down plan(Tezel, Koskela and Tzortzopoulos, 2009). The manager should ensure that the idea is bright and that everyone on board knows what they need to accomplish. There exist various types of plans that can be proposed in an organization. It includes but not limited to strategic plans, tactical plans, operational plans, long-term plans and short-term plans(, 2014).

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Organizing is the second concept of management. It is described as the process of developing relevant functioning structures and physical facilities that are required to execute the plans with the aim of achieving the stated goals. Materials and human resources are assigned to various units and relationships defined among the multiple subunits. Hence organization is to classify and identify the functions to be performed to attain the targets of an institution. On the other hand, it can also be described as the ability to establish working relationships with the workers. Organizing tasks may be based on work specialization(Conkright, 2015).


Directing is the third concept of management. It involves motivating and stimulating persons in an organization to willingly undertake the actions that are desired as per the plans and objectives. Directing predominantly deals personal aspects of management hence; motivation is an integral part of addressing to ensure that the desired results are attained. Many times, problems in the organization arise from the desires of people, attitudes, and undesirable behaviors from individuals and groups hence the manager needs to be productive leaders to tame this problem. It is because people are inclined to follow persons who present as the way of satisfying their wishes, desires, and needs. Hence directing involves leadership styles, motivation, communication and approaches that appeal to the masses.


Controlling is best described as the establishment of measurements, standards, and comparisons of the results received against the agreed criteria and necessary measures put in place to correct deviations from the plan that was laid down. Hence controlling makes the final concept of management with the sole purpose of ensuring that the directed actions are as per the objectives and plans. It means that monitoring is a process of regulation and evaluation of ongoing activities to ensure that the ultimate goal is achieved (Conkright, 2015).


In conclusion, it is agreeable that management is a type of activity that is distinct that is geared towards getting things to be done through other persons and that it differs from a different kind of events. Also, the managerial functions are universal, and all persons involved in management in any field of the human efforts typically perform typical administrative roles irrespective of the institution that they are managing.


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Tezel, B., Koskela, L. and Tzortzopoulos, P. (2009) ‘Four Functions of Management’, Management.

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