Malala Yousafzai is my Hero

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My hero's name is Malala Yousafzai. She was born on July 12, 1997. She lived in Mingora Swat in Pakistan. She attended one of her father's schools for girls. When she was eleven she started a blog to inform people to not be afraid of the Taliban. She then started a campaign to start helping girls get a fair education. On October 9, 2012, she was on a ride home from school and a Taliban gunman shot her and injured two of her friends on the bus she was on. Malala miraculously survived the injuries to her skull.

She then lived in Birmingham, England with her family to be safe from the Taliban because they had already tried to kill her, she would be in danger if she returned. She started a new life with her family, but she still fought for all the children from all around the world to get an equal education. When Malala lived in Mingora she lived with her mother, father, and two older and little brothers. She was only 11 or 12 at that time and she attended her father's school excited to have exams and do work but also to see her best friend. She was is very smart and worked hard to be engaged in her class and she was sometimes competitive with other girls. Even though she was little she knew her right was to have an education and for her friends to have on to.

When the Taliban started hating on girls getting an education Malala wasn't scared of them and kept on coming to school.  That when she started to support everyone having an education and since then she faced a lot of things to keep on fighting for everybody's equal right to education. Malala was a brave person for standing up for everybody's rights, she was courageous to help other people and to speak of what she really wanted to say for people who were afraid to speak for themselves. Malala was helpful by thinking of other people. She was curious when she had that terrible accident of what had happened to her and was curious about lots of new things she was experiencing at the moment. She is a fighter and humble leader even though of her youth. Malala had an impact on how people thought of women and a huge impact on education. She helped children from where she came and the war their going threw not affect their education.

She wanted to help the kids from her country and from all around the world to have an equal education. And not have to go undercover like she did when she was little. Or have death threats from the Taliban like Malala did just because she wanted to attend school and speak for other people. She impacted lots of people because they admired her for what she did and for what she was known for. Malala overall helped people get the education they deserved and helped kids like her who suffered as much as she did. Malala is my hero because she had a huge impact on education if it wasn’t for her students like me wouldn't have equal education and a right for learning. Because education is everyone right. That is why Malala is my hero.

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