Main Causes of Stress in my Life

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It is normal for a person’s body to respond to pressures, threats, demands, and dangers in life. At times I feel like I am overloaded and having a hard time to cope with the demands in my life. Stress can be both negative and positive. Stress makes overthink, feel fatigued, get headaches, have increased anxiety and depression amongst other negative effects while on the other hand, stress makes me work hard. It compels me into action. With greater expectations, higher ambitions, and pressure to perform well in all aspects of my life, I find myself undergoing stress more often. My main causes of stress are increased financial obligations, illness, and being a disappointment to the people who look on to me.

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“Main Causes of Stress in my Life”

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Increased financial obligations negatively affect me because I get nervous and worried especially when am supposed to meet certain deadlines or when am faced with unexpected expenditures. This mostly happens in the middle of the month when I have no expectations of money yet I have to meet certain unavoidable bills. Sometimes I find myself staying up late trying to come up with ways of raising money. I find it uncomfortable to talk to anyone about my situation, and I end up getting depressed. However, shortage of money sometimes makes me put more effort to increase my money supply and come up with ways of reducing my expenses to save.

When I feel like I am failing or disappointing those who look on to me, I undergo stress. The reason behind this is because of my fear to fail or to become a disappointment. There are people in my life who have high expectations from me such as my family, parents, friends, and the society at large and when I see that am not meeting their expectations, I end up being frustrated. I fear rejection and embarrassment, and when things in my life are not happening as they should, I distance myself from people and become lonely and frustrated. Sometimes, am filled with guilt. However, this kind of stress makes me work hard to meet the expectations; especially those from my family. The fear of disappointing them surprisingly acts as motivation.

Illness is another cause of stress in my life. Signs and symptoms of any disease cause anxiety and worry in me. This could be caused by the fear I have of contracting a terminal or chronic disease. Fever, fatigue, and headaches get me worried. Even little rashes on my face get me tensed. I end up researching the signs on the internet even in the middle of the night. I seek advice from people, but surprisingly, I never want to go for a checkup because of the fear of receiving negative news. Days that am feeling unwell are the days that I feel most pressured. I get paranoid and do things such as avoiding food, staying away from people and even trying to cry myself to sleep out of fear. It negatively affects me because I perform poorly in work and schoolwork too which brings about the other stress of fear of being a failure. I imagine the high bills that will follow if I am diagnosed with a serious illness. I have even developed a phobia to swimming or airplane travels because of fear of drowning or getting involved in a plane crash and surviving with mental or physical disabilities.

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