Macbeth Act 3 Scene

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You got everything that was prophesized. You have the title of king, title of Cawdor, and title of Glamis. You have everything that the Three Witches predicted but I’m afraid that you gained the titles unfairly. The witches also claimed that my children will be kings. I hope what they said comes true for me too. I won’t say any more.

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“Macbeth Act 3 Scene”

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I heard that Malcolm and Donalbain are hiding in England and Ireland in order to shield their crimes from the world. They’re telling their hosts false ideas. We can talk about this at the council meeting tomorrow. Go for your ride. Good-bye until I see you at dinner tonight. Is Fleance going with you?

Everyone can do what they want until seven o’clock tonight. To let everyone have a good time, I will stay in my room until dinner. Until then, I hope God is with you.

It’s not worth it to be king if I don’t feel safe. I’m afraid of Banquo and his kind heart. His wise mind allows him to make safe choices. I am afraid of no one except for him and while I’m with him my judgement is supressed just like Caesar did to Mark Antony. He provoked the witches for information about his own future like they gave me. They said that Banquo’s children will rule. They gave me a crown and a scepter with no heir to pass it down to. I killed Duncan and disturbed my peace of mind for Banquo’s children. I did everything just so they could be kings. Instead of letting that happen I will go to extreme lengths to prevent it.

Did you think about what I said yesterday? So, you know that Banquo kept you captive, not me? I told this to you last time we met. How you were treated should make you say Banquo did it.

Yes I said this and now I’m going to continue this topic even more. Are you so kind that you will let the man go for his crimes? Are you going to pray for his good fortune despite the fact that he harmed you?

Yes, you identify as men just like all species of dogs fall under one category. You can tell them apart by their characteristics, just like men. If you are not at the bottom of the category of men then we can discuss the details of how to kill your enemy.

He is also my enemy and he is a threat to my life. I would do it myself but we have friends that we both share and whose trust I need to keep. I must feel remorseful when he dies. Therefore, I’m very appreciative for your help so that I can hide this deed from the public.

This has to be done tonight. I’ll tell you where to go and when to do it. It must be done away from the castle so that no one suspects anything. Along with killing Banquo, you should also kill his son, Fleance. I’ll leave you to think about it. I’ll be back to hear your decision.

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