Coronation Dinner of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth

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 Everyone was invited to the events to congratulate him on his accomplishments and becoming the new king. Entering the dining room is filled with beautiful and valuable antiques. Lennox, a tall white man with long dark hair, and Ross who is about the same height as him with black short hair and a long beard walk into the room. As everyone settled in the dining room, Macbeth walks in along with his wife, Lady Macbeth and was greeted by the guest.

As the dinner begins, Macbeth goes to take his seat at the head of the royal table but he seems a bit off and appears to be speaking to himself. Macbeth begins to act weird and is not talking as much as he usually is. He starts keeping it to himself, but you can see in his facial expressions that something in his head is bothering him. Lennox who was closely observing Macbeth, 'how strange'. Ross who was sitting across from Lennox noticed how strangely Macbeth is acting also.

During the dinner progress, Macbeth suddenly starts to shout at an invisible figure. All the guests turn their attention to him and are very concerned. Everyone started whispering and wonders what is going on with Macbeth. Lady Macbeth notices the situation and pulls him aside. She scolds at him and asks him what is going on. He tells her that he is hearing voices of Banquo’s ghost feel guilty about murdering Banquo. Lady Macbeth, of course, didn’t care and tells him to get his act together before anyone finds out about what really happens. Macbeth and Lady Macbeth went by into the dining room and act as nothing happens.

Shortly after that, there is an awkward atmosphere going on in the room after what happened. There are whispers and undertones from the guest that are concerned with Macbeth's odd behavior. Ross who was sitting and talking to Lennox seems to the most curious and was about to walk up to Macbeth and question about his visions but Lennox stops him. “If much you note him, you shall offend him and extend his passion. Feed and regard him not,” said Lennox.

They both went outside to gossip with the other guest about Macbeth but Lady Macbeth was behind the wall listening to their conversation. She was furious and felts disrespected about what they are saying about her husband. She confronted them in the middle of their talk and they were shocked. Lady Macbeth threatens them to keep their silence and don’t tell anyone about what they saw. Lennox right away apologized but Ross who wasn’t threatened by her words didn’t. Ross tells Lady Macbeth that he couldn’t care less of what she is going to do to him. “I shall tell everyone in the town of Macbeth.” Lady Macbeth was even angrier but decided to control herself and plotted a way to get rid of Ross.

Later on, the sun has set and the sky begins to shimmer in the darkness. Lady Macbeth asked everyone to leave. She then asked Ross and Lennox to stay back as the guests leave. When it was just the three in the room, she apologized to Ross and Lennox for overacting about the situation and try to settle with them. Little did they not know is that it was just one of her manipulative strategies to get rid of them especially Ross. After talking, Lennox returned home first. Lady Macbeth decided to not kill Lennox because he listens to her demand but it a different story for Ross. Ross didn’t listen to her and tell everyone about Macbeth's behavior. On the way back home, Ross was murdered by one of Lady Macbeth's servants. Lady Macbeth asked the servants to make his murder seem like suicide and never tell anyone about this or he will be killed too. Ross never makes it back home.

The two-person I have picked were my classmates Kali and my cousin Vattey. Kali helped me improve on my diction and vocabulary. In certain sentences, she picks out my mistakes and tells me that some words don’t fit in the sentence. She goes over my essay and gives me tips to improve it. Vattey, my cousin, help me with my grammar and spelling errors. She helps me by going over my essay, making sure everything is spell rights and flow rights.

In my first draft, I noticed that I make a lot of spelling and grammar errors. I noticed that my narrative is very fast-paced and doesn’t give that much detail to what is happening. I feel like the flow of my story is rush in my opinion. While in my final draft, I change words that would not only get my point across but allow the reader to create their own image on what was going on in the story. I tried to put more in-depth while writing it. I also realized while revising my essay that there is a lot of words that aren’t supposed to be in there. So I fix it by removing it and making the sentence flow smoothly.

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