Linguis International Institute Assignment

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  • Linguis International Institute is private institute which was setup in 1996 in two major cities in New Zealand Christchurch and in 2012 in Auckland.
  • Linguis International Institute provide business courses for example diploma courses in level 5, 6 and 7 and also includes some short program like enlglish language, intensive English, English express.
  • Linguis International Institute is highly confident in both assessment in NZQA and provide high quality education in New Zealand.
  • Linguis International Institute also provide:-
  • Higher level education
  • Excellent package of student services
  • Different cultural activities
  • Great location
  • Computer lab….etc.
  • Linguis International Institute data has show,that when the Institution was started in 1996 it had only 13 students in Christchurch campus and Auckland Campus was not even started and now the Institution has two campuses that is Auckland and Christchurch and is running with 300 plus students so there is a huge Increase in students.

Q NO 1. PROPOSED ORGANIZATIONAL GOALS WITH STAKEHOLDERS: Stakeholders are small group of people with the power to respond to, negotiate with, and change the strategic future of the organization and company. Linguis International Institute also has stake holders which can be noted down as: Stake holders are the key for linguis to maintain its market position in global level. GOALS OF LINGUIS INTERNATIONAL INSTITUTE: Every business has a certain long term and short term goals which is require for improvement in business and in there service, same in case of linguis international institute that goal known as smart goal which can be noted down as follows: Education Standard:-

  • To provide highest standards of education, through programmers which enable all students to realize their full potential needs as individuals, and to develop the values needed to become full members of New Zealand's society.
  • To provide equality of educational opportunity for all students, by identifying and removing barriers to achievement.
  • Development of the knowledge, understanding and skills needed by New Zealanders to compete successfully in the modern, ever-changing world, if we study from linguis college.
  • Excellence achieved through the establishment of clear learning objectives, monitoring student performance against those objectives, goals, and programmers to meet individual need.

Electronic ID Card:- Linguis International Institute is going to launch the electronic ID card from this academic year. The reason behind this is due to the past disputes regarding attendance between students and tutors:

  • The Advantage of launching Electronic ID card is that students will have their attendance automatically signed with the ease between students and tutors as the card helps in storing the data perfectly and as it is electroniced chances of errors are very low. Strict attendance would be taken and analysis of student can be done by tracking of card so that chances of proxy attendance, staff tracking and other error creating issues can be sorted.
  • Ease of tracking helps in sorting out the further issues too like tardiness or early departure from the college. This card would also help in reducing workload.
  • The launch of Electronic Id card helps in tracking the student’s activity so if a student bunks the college regularly than it makes easy for the management to take disciplinary action by mode of charging penalty at initial stage with a prima facie warning and if that student does bunk regularly than depot the student to their home country.
  • Electronic ID card makes work easy for both the College and Immigration Department because this ID card provide the detail of students and attendance record which is useful for make the profile of students.

Promotion on international level:-

  • As now Linguis has more students as International Students it has decided to promote the college in South America and for the same purpose it has hired and set ties between a local people that is important for promotion.
  • Linguis international institute also improve relationship with agents who advertise the name of college and encourage the students towards this college.

Biometric System:-

  • Linguis International Institute is planning to launch a biometric system, to elaborate this system we can say that it’s a machine based system to use for accessing, controlling, identifying, verifying, and storing of data.
  • This system is similar with thump scanning system and very useful for keeping a digital record of student and it would be programmed in such a way that it would not accept the attendance of late student.
  • This system will be helpful for students and tutors also because this system save the time of both student and tutors and spend on solve the students problem in study.

Q NO. 2:

Standard of education Qualified staff Friendly environment Rules and regulation Electronic ID card Computer and wireless internet Limited scope of surface Without library institute Not proper control on students Lack of wi fi network Lack of projector
Increase the number of students Global promotion Different culture and tradition Planning of new institute Alteration in visa policies Arrival of new students Over crowd of students Lack of Accommodation


  • Linguis International Institute provide good standard of education which increase awareness of college in global market.
  • The environments which provide by Linguis College enhance the global value in the market.
  • Electronic ID card and biometric system make the standard of the college about service on global level.
  • Linguis International Institute make the strict rule and regulation and staff is very strict about the attendance.
  • Linguis International Institute use advance technology for example computer lab and provide WI.FI facility.


  • In Auckland campus Limited number of student can be admitted because limited scope of surface is utilized.
  • There are no library in this institute that is main weakness of college.
  • Management have no proper control on students, some time they damage the property of college and it create a negative impact.
  • In Linguis Institute lack of network and speed is very low and also lack of projector which is very useful of providing standard education to students.


  • The standard of education encourages the students towards the New Zealand so it would be advantage for many educational institute.
  • Education institute have a great opportunities to promote the college not only in India and china but also in western countries.
  • New Zealand provide different culture and traditions because it is a land of diversity.
  • Linguis Institute have a opportunity of plan for opening new institute on another city.


  • Nowadays the visa procedure is very easy so in New Zealand number of students increase but if the government change their visa policies than it would be a greater threat for colleges.
  • Lack of accommodation also a bigger threat to institutes because, if there will be no accommodation opportunity for students than the arrival of new students reduce.


  • The cost of Electronic ID card machine in market is $220 to $240 which is afford by institution that reduce the workload of management itself.
  • The promotion of college in global market is to be carried out by internet which is good and not very expensive method.
  • Promotion of the college depends on standard of education because pass out students provide information about standard of education and qualified staff to new students. No any fund are require for this type of advertisement.
  • The Biometric system which includes BS-BIO 101, BS-BIO 102 is affordable for institution which cost around $210 to $230 in market. The installation charges for this machine are very less which depend on machine installation.


  • The first and foremost benefit of biometric system is that it solve the disputes between students and teachers.
  • Secondly biometric system save the time of tutors and students also which spend on solving the students problems.
  • Promotions of Linguis International College in global market increase the reputation of college in global market and encourage the students towards the Linguis International Institute.
  • The electronic ID card use for check and verify the attendance of students and provide the complete information about student profile.


  • It is risky if we will total depend on electronic device because electronic device stop work because of, any corrupt data. So same paper work is also important.
  • Sometime communication equipment provide wrong information to students that is called communication barrier which creates a negative image in student mind.
  • The biometric system is most expensive, if miscreant does in some activities than it can be harmful for college budget.


  • Linguis International has solved disputes between student and tutors on account of attendance by biometric system which is a best alternative that scan the student thumb and provide right information of time of student arrival in institute which will help in setting up a tuning between students and tutors.
  • It will also helpful for saving time of tutors and provide accurate results to students and tutors.
  • the tutors can spend more time with students for solving their education related problem.


  • Competition increase day by day because of competition the linguis institute also make change in their direction for example use biometric system and use advance technology.
  • Linguis Institute providing quality education with the use of advance technology which reduce the burden from staff.
  • Linguis also provide ID card to students which is helpful for tracking the students activies if the student bunks the college regularly than it makes easy for the management to take disciplinary action by mode of charging penalty at initial stage.
  • Linguis personnel provide resources to international students which aware about kiwi things.


  • The main motive of Linguis International Institute is adopting a biometric technology which helps in building the organization value in the market.
  • The quality education which is the main aim of linguis institute have make the image of the college in the mind of international students.
  • The environments which provide by Linguis College enhance the global value in the market.
  • Electronic ID card and biometric system make the standard of the college about service on global level.


  • Linguis International Institute approved by NZQA so it is providing quality education in field of business. However innovation is very important for continue standard of education.
  • Linguis need to implement new innovative ideas to achieve the goal and to achieve huge heights in business in terms of growth
  • Linguis decide to implement the biometric system which will be require for solve the dispute between students and tutors if it will successful in particular work than it can install for next academic year by following stage:-
  • First of all take the permission from NZQA.
  • Fix the meeting with Auckland management institution group.
  • There after convey to managing directors for launching this system.
  • Finally install the machine and provide the trial after installation.

Critical Outcomes:-

  • Linguis International Institute create positive image in mind of students on global level by new innovation and discoveries in education line.
  • Linguis college launch biometric system which important to save the time of tutors and the appointing of any personnel not necessary for inspection of attendance.
  • Biometric system save the time that use to solve the study related problem of students and reduce the paper work.
  • Electronic ID card and biometric system increase the of image of institute in students mind.

Milestones And Timescale:-

Milestones Timescale
Linguis Institute will have many merits by the launch of the biometric system and if the system work according to plan then they can achieve certain milestones which set for future: Linguis require a certain time frame plan for implementing biometric system because co-ordinance is most important between personnel for launch it. For implementation of biometric system it is very important to follow the following points:-
1.Time management is most important that helpful for spend the time solve other problem. 1. Check system time to time and make report according to rule regulation
2. Prepare the annual budget for maintainess of the system
2. Make new goals for next academic years can be set which reduce the burdens and help in growth of institution.
3.Control system by one person and he or she will be responsible for any claim.
4.Cost of services should include in fees of students
3. Issues regarding proxy attendance or false attendance are completely solved so make good relation between students and tutors.
4. Biometric system will make growth in standard of linguis compare to other institute.  

Contingency Planning:-

  • Backup is very important if one plan does fail then college go through greater loss of data, so for this follows:-
  • Regular servicing reduce the risk of failure of system.
  • Regular backup of data reduce the risk of loss of data.
  • Data recovery software also important for recovery of data and staff should be know use of software.
  • Constant supervision of machine would be beneficial as no one can alter the record of attendance.
  • No un-authorized equipment’s should be used in which system data is kept.
  • Used antivirus should always be running in the system protecting the data.

Strategic Plan( Documented And Authorized)

  • Linguis International Institute is private institute which was setup in 1996 in two major city in New Zealand Christchurch and in 2012 in Auckland.
  • In Christchurch campus had 13 studends at the starting date.
  • Linnguis International’s managing directors that are Mr. Mike Dawson And Mr. Mae dawson do effort to start this institution.
  • After every six month hold board meeting by director of Linguis College with stake holder.
  • Advisory meeting is also compulsory at interval of every 6 month with NZQA in which show the progress and refer the new strategies which planned by institution For Example: Biometric System and Smart Id Card.
  • Linguis international intitute in Auckland is under control of:
  • Mr. Lee Kammerer ( Director Of Studies)
  • Mr. Harry Randhawa (Marketing Manager)
  • Mr. Ishwar Chaudary (Marketing Coordinator)
  • These above said personnel will conduct regarding Auckland campus and will be in a constant touch with the managing directors stating in the inputs and outputs.
  • In each board meeting members of Linguis come up with new plans and strategy which requires huge long term investment which should be documented and authorized by NZQA.


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