Assignment of Plan a Market Campaign

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Assignment of Plan A Market Campaign INTRODUCTION International Academy of New Zealand is one of the recognized college of Auckland, which is located at level 13,115 Queen street and is considered to be the Herart of City . This college is registered as a private training establishment by New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). The motto of our college is Striving for excellence. Our College make an effort to provide an excellent learning environment which helps in making the dreams of students come true. Our college helps the students for the preparation of Ielts exam and it also provides various courses in the business field of various levels so that students can opt best course out of it. ASSESSMENT PART 1 MARKET ANALYSIS - Market analysis is a method used by investors to look at the market by every single corner of the zone. It is a documented record of the market that is used by company for the future decisions and strategy making. This record contains the information about the number of competitors, market size and market growth rate. (i) Market size It is the number of individuals in a certain market who can buy the product or sell them. Companies are always very eager in knowing the market size before launching their new product. According to the information provided by the NZQA, the numbers of institutions providing National diploma in Business level 5 are 25 likewise for National Diploma in business level 6 are 16. This shows that our college has 24 competitors in market for National diploma in business level 5 and on the other hand we have 15 competitors in National diploma in business level 6. Linguis international institute of language and culture limited, Queens academic group limited, Cornell Institute, National Institute, Tasman International College are some examples of our competitors. (ii) Market Growth Rate - It is an increase in product sales within a given market. It is one of the factor that Is considered while evaluating the performance of the product. The table below signifies that the Private providers are on huge demands and around 50,000 students enrolled in 2004. Though the number of students decreased from 2005-2010 but they are demanded more than any other forms of education providers Now the table below describes the number of students came from different countries and moreover it also shows the change of percentage of students from 2009- 2013. It is observed that maximum students came from China and minimum number of students came from Middle East. Secondly , It was noticed that the number of students came from china decreased in 2010 as compared in 2006 by -37% , whereas number of students came from India gradually increased in 2009 as compared in 2004 by 346% .

  2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 % change, 2009-2013
China 33,649 25,216 21,080 21,327 21,258 -37%
South Korea 15,930 17,500 17,331 16,070 15,282 -4%
Japan 14,299 12,325 10,755 9,761 9,745 -32%
India 2,599 3,855 6,348 9,252 11,597 346%
South East Asia 7,216 7,660 7,662 8,535 9,328 29%
Europe 7,139 8,536 8,832 9,857 9,747 37%
Latin America 2,968 3,226 3,514 4,222 4,404 48%
North America 2,746 2,751 2,704 2,737 2,742 0%
Middle East 2,113 3,022 4,463 5,920 5,953 182%
All other 7,924 8,411 7,393 7,843 8,418 6%
Totals 96,583 92,502 90,082 95,524 98,474 2%

1.2 Environmental analysis The environmental analysis includes physical, social, cultural and spiritual factors which surrounds a person. Environmental analysis helps us in understanding various factors which affects the overall structure of the organization. There are 4 types of factors in this analysis - Political factors , Social factors, economic factors and Technological factors (i) Political factors - This factor includes government taxes , government laws , policies , trade restriction and political empowerment. For instance, Government made various rules for international students like their minimum wage limit should be $13.75 per hour and they can only work for only 20 hours per week in this way Immigration also plays an intrinsic role of government for international students. (ii) Social factors This factor includes cultural aspects, population growth rate, age distribution etc .These factors effects the demand of the products provided by company. So, company can change themselves with various management strategies to adapt the social trend. This will help in the growth of company for thepresent and future. (iii) Economic factors These factors include interest rates, economic growth rate, inflation rate etc. These factors are noticed and processed by the company to make their decision and work according it. (iv)Technological factors These factors are related to technology. They can affect the cost of product, quality and it leads to new innovation of strategies. 1.3 Competitive Analysis In this kind of analysis, we can know about our strength and weakness by comparing ourselves with our competitors. This is very important so that we can know about that where do we stand.

Name of college Queens Academic International Academy of New Zealand
Strength of college Provides the study of Tele-communication Individual attention provided due to small classes
Weakness of college   We don't have level 8 course


Name of college Linguis international institute of language and culture limited Imperial college of New Zealand
Strength of college Provides National diploma in level 7 Individual attention provided due to small classes
Weakness of college   We don't have level 8 course

1.4 Market measurement Market measuring is an analysis of the market with an aim of expressing it numerically. The market share of International Academy of New Zealand in 2010 was 17/42329=0.4% in 2011 was 48/46691= 0.10% and in 2012 was 78/48491=0.16%. We can see that International Academy of New Zealand is increasing their share slowly and steadily in the market. In addition to this I have done survey with the students in the college of both level 5 and level 6 business courses. Survey check (1.5) SWOT Analysis: S- Strength W- Weakness O- Opportunities T- Threats (i) Strength Our strength is that our college is NZQA recognized. We provide the best quality education to students. In addition to this our college is located in the heart of city. Moreover some facilities are also provided to the students such as internet labs, kitchen for the lunch preparation, fully air conditioned class rooms with board and projector and most importantly very knowledgeable teachers. (ii) Weakness Our weakness is that most of the students are international students and the expense cost of international study is expensive. Secondly, we do not provide level 8 education or courses which may restrict some students to opt for a lower level. Further on we have threat more than the weakness. (iii) Opportunities- Our have an opportunity to provide level 8 in National Diploma in Business Studies soon this year. Our college can sign up with companies such immigration consultancy firms so that the students who satisfy the demand of his/her education can get an opportunity by our college's placement for further visa. (iv)Threats There are many threats that can be faced by our college such as Immigration can shut the doors of our college if we are not fulfilling their demands and not providing the excellent education we promised. Moreover, some colleges help students for their part time jobs and even job search is provided by some of the institutions. We have numerous competitors who provide same courses but yes with different prices. So these factors are some of the threats we can face and due to this we may lose students. 1.2 Cultural and ethical factors These factors should be kept in mind while the making of product or provisioning our services. The elements of culture are Language, Religion, Attitude, Education, Moral and Ethics (i) Language Language plays a very important role in any business or any kind of industry we are working in. Different countries have different type of languages they speak in. Therefore when we go to sell our products or services we should know the common language so that we can easily communicate with people. In New Zealand common language to communicate is English so people coming from different parts of world feel comfortable having a conversation in English. (ii) Religion Religious beliefs have a great impact in any selection of the product. For example Jain religion prohibits Jain entrepreneurs from engaging in leather Business, Business of non-vegetarian food etc. For many Indian businesses, business is guided by astrologers and not by management experts. Similarly, some religions have different perception for different services they have been provided with. (iii) Attitude - Attitude refers to how a person thinks or has a perception about a particular thing, how he perceives a particular outlook in a given situation. Motivation and other related aspects of human resource management are based on workers attitude to work for a common objective. Attitude of people is dependent on their culture and place through which they are coming from. So they have different attitude and perception towards different situation. (iv)Education - The spread of education has affected the business in a positive manner. Now business houses have set requirement for various positions in an organization structure like they select candidates having an MBA as qualification for the position of business manager or Bachelors in Computer Applications for ICT support person position. Now day's consumers are also educated and know all their consumer rights. (v) Ethics Business ethics refers to moral principles. Businesses have to follow ethical principles .This helps to improve the image of business in the long run. If business follows ethical standards, then it get supports from society. Assessment part 2 2.1 Situational Analysis Identify the marketing objectives based from the plan in accordance with the approved orgasizational procedure and business objectives which include the followings: Targets of International Academy of New Zealand: - To enroll more than 200 students in various different courses that our college provides. - To achieve the objective mentioned above, we have to deal with various agents and sign up MOU with them because agents are the people, who can help us in enrolling international students at our college and through this mode we can easily achieve our goal. - We can offer set commission to our agents as mentioned in the MOU so that they can advise applicants about our college and courses. - According to me we can sign the agreement with 15 agents in India , 3 agents in Sri lanka , 5 in korea, 20 in China by April 2014 - We also have students who come from Hongkong so can have link ups with 5 agents from Hongkong , 3 from Singapore and 3 from Malaysia by august 2014 -One of the main objective of my college is to level 7 Business course in our course structure and to tie up with at least one university by august 2014 - So by tying up with these many agents and colleges we can easily achieve our goal. 2.2 Evidence that these objectives are approved according to Organization In this part, the objectives mentioned above are approved according to the organizational procedures and structures as all the information and strategies mentioned above are discussed in business plan .In Business plan college wants to tie up with various universities and also with agents in countries like China , India , Fiji , Sri-lanka , Hong kong . Assessment Part 3 An operational plan for the marketing campaign (i) Activities: If a company wants to achieve a goal of being a leading one in its own Industry or zone then various strategies and marketing activities needs to be developed and implemented. Like for instance Imperial college targets to enroll 200 students in 2014 which can be accomplished by adapting various strategies like Tying up with various Immigration agents in different locations which can be further done by having proper communication which can be either through emails or by setting up a telephonic meeting or also through skype having video chat. (ii) Responsibilities- As an important part of the institution it is our responsibility to clear all the doubts of the students regarding the enrollment, giving details of the course and rules and regulations of the college. Updating the students and giving them regular feedback so that they don't face problems in the future. (iii)Timelines Timeline is providing them a period or a time limit that we set ourselves for the completion of our goal. Like Imperial College has set their own time line to enroll 200 students till December 2014. (iv)Resources The resources needed to accomplish our goal are Marketing manager, Admin staff, College infrastructure, Website, agreements, prospectus, brochures etc. all are different type of modes needed at different levels of the organization. (v) Communication plan In this we plan to have good communication skills with other sources by adapting different modes of communication services like emails , mobile phones etc - Contingencies and options for implementations: It is a plan which is used as a backup plan . It is used for a risk management .We have to play up with a risk and come up by new strategies to make our business back on track. - Provision for data acquisition: Like NZQA has all the basic information on its official site. Similarly our colleges also have their official site providing every information about the college and courses they provide. Updates on regular new events occurring in New Zealand and Auckland which is the best way of communication and also saves time - Market Positioning- It is an effort which influences consumer perception for a brand. Its main objective is to occupy a clear, unique and advantageous position in the consumers mind - Market mix- Marketing mix is the combination of 4Ps that is product, place, price, promotion. All the P's are very important and should always is in a stable status for the success of our business.

  • Product - Being in an education field, we need NZQA registered courses which are our core product.
  • Place - Our College is located in the heart of city, Queen Street. All the services such as bus service, train service are just nearby our college.
  • Price As there are many competitors, we should offer affordable prices to the students and also variety and diversification in courses of various fields like business, computer application etc. So most of the students get attracted by these offers.
  • Promotion - Our College can provide free laptops to the students as a promotional strategy on the basis of their merit. We can promote our services on internet via social networking sites like facebook and twitter.

Quality controls, Evaluation process and criteria: We should always remember our motto is STRIVE FOR EXCELLENCE, So excellent quality of education should be provided to the students . Quality of education will always be at top of our college priority and evaluation process is a process through which we can know about our problems and try to solve it and we can also know about how many students have actually filled the forms. References - -

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