Life of Vlad the Impaler

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1431- Vlad Dracula is born –father Vlad Dracul (Vlad the dragon) real mother Cneajna 1435- Vlads younger brother Radu the Handsome 1436-Vlad becomes Voivode (Prince) of Wallachia 1442-Vlad Dracul and his sons Radu and Vlad Dracula visit Gallipoli to pay tribute to the Ottoman Sultan Murad. And seize them and Vlads older brother Mircea rules in his father’s absence. 1444- Vlad Dracul participates in an anti Turk crusade with John Hunyadi, the Hungarian and the sultan allows Vlad and Radu to live 447-Hunyadi forms an alliance with Vladislav 2nd (the Draculs enemies) Mircea is tortured and buried alive and Vlad Dracul is killed attempting to escape his capital city 1448-Murad releases Dracula and gives him the support he needs to rule Wallachia and rules for 2 months but then is forced to flee 1451-Sultan Murad dies and succeeded by Muhmed 1453- Mehmed’s forces attack Constantinople bringing the Byzantine Empire to an end 1456- Hunyadi allows Dracula to come out of exile as his vassal. Fearing the sultan will attack Hungary next. By August 22 Dracula is again Prince of Wallachia. 1457-Dracula seized all the nobles who help in the death of his father and brother. He forced the strong to build castle Dracula, the weak he impaled his favorite method of torture giving him the name Vlad Tepes (Vlad the impaler). 14759- In his best known action Dracula sets up a table near the base of Timpu Hill and dines as he watches thousands of people impaled (tortured to death). He is said to have dipped his bread in the blood of his victims 1462- Sultan Mehmed and Radu the Handsome invade Wallachia with an army three times the size of Dracula’s. On June 17 Vlad leads a raid that almost succeeds in killing the Sultan but when the sultan’s men chased Vlads raid they run into a psychological warfare surprise. Dracula has set up a forest of stakes on which he has impaled 20,000 prisoners. 1475- Radu dies of syphilis.

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