About Life of George W Bush

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Former president George W. Bush not to be confused with his father also former president George H. W. Bush, they did very different and similar in the ways they lived and how they ran office. They both have served in the military and both of them flew planes in the military H. ( George H. W. Bush) flew as a navy pilot during WW2. While his son W. (George W.Bush) served as a Texas Air National Guard which is still apart of the military only they stayed in America to protect America but W. only flew over Texas he served during the Vietnam war but he didn’t go to Vietnam.

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W. flew a Convair F-102 Delta Dagger which was made by Convair during the late 1950’s it came to military service in 1956 and got to the top speed of 810 mph thats fast. it could reach the range of 999.8 miles that is pretty fare. it has a Turbojet engine and it would cost $1,200,000 usd per plane. It would serve from 1956 till 1976 it would be in service for 20 years of service till being replaced it served through most of the vietnam war. W. would later go on to a different job he would become the governor of texas which paved the way for him to become president. W. went to school in texas from pk to 8 he went to The Kinkaid School were he learned till 8th grade. He went to a high school in massachusetts and went to a highschool called phillips academy were he went for all of highschool. He went to yale university

His grandpa was Prescott Bush who also was a politician he was a U.S senator Jeb Bush is W.’s brother Jeb was the governor of Florida. Samuel P. Bush is his great grandpa who was a businessman. His great great grandpa james Smith Bush was an attorney.

When Bush was elected by way of likes that is how he won people liked him a little bit more than the other dude.He was the second guy who was elected that way he was 2nd for a lot of things .He was second president to see America through an attack on America the first was F.D.R and pearl harbor. Bush with 911.(joke) when 911 happened he called the Australian Prime Minister and said “ what the heck man” the Prime Minister “ sorry man i was gonna call but one thing led to another” if you haven’t got it by now australia is a day and 17 hours ahead of us.

As you already know unless you have been living in a bunker since 911 and you had no tv or anything we went to war. Fun fact america has only had peace for 20 years and that means 93% of the time we have been fighting in war out 11 or 12 wars in american history. Bush led our country through the afghan and iraq war when the war started we were just mad, angry, and outraged about 911 and wanted to end terrorism . The war started in a way only few people can believe it. Had movie about it that came out early last year 1/19/18 it is based on a true story on the first strike against the terrorist were 12 men went in and all of them got. Wait don’t let me spoil the movie for you watch it its a good movie 90% of people like it the movie is amazon prime $2.99.

When Bush’s 1st term was over the war was still raging on and it looked prominent that we were going to win. Bush’s 2nd term wasn’t as good as it was his first time around he wasn’t as liked this time. Bush would keep the war going till he left office and then it continued till 12/28/14. By the end of bush’s 2nd term only 996 us soldiers died in the first 9 years of the war. The vehicles that bush was allowed to be in were marine one or army one they are commonly the HMX-1 “nighthawk” and the smaller and faster “whitehawk” and the larger than both “seaking” while there is also the coast guard one which is a “jayhawk”. Then there is cadillac one which is the limo he rode in.

After he left office and obama took office he went home to Texas. When he was in texas one of the first things he did was go fishing in Texas. Everyday he has been doing whatever he wants to do except drive a car on a public road or kill a person. George W. Bush likes to drive his F-150 or F-250 around his ranche with his dog barney they were best of friends from 2000 till 2013 were those two would be around each other till barney died barney was a scottish terrier. He would be with the president and his family through almost 13 years and barney would be with them throughout the entire time of George w bush’s presidency. They also had another dog named miss beazley she also was a scottish terrier and was the niece of barney. Barney’s half brother is the the dad of miss beazley miss beazley sadly died on may 17, 2014 she was nearly 10 years old .

George w bush now paints paintings and he has been doing this now for 6 or so years now and he has made many paintings include himself, his father his dogs and also having bronze statues of barney and miss beazley, U.S. veterans, and jay leno from the tonight show (there are a lot more). He also sells some of his paintings and uses most of the profits for charidy.

He recently lost his father and it has been hard on him and he has been doing good so far but i am pretty sure he is painting a lot of paintings right now and he will keep painting for a long time. I have reason to believe that his dad’s service dog might come to stay with him on the ranche. His father’s service dog is a 2 year old lab sully most known for staying by his casket. 

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