Life in New York and Florida

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“From the Big Apple to the Sunshine State there are tons of reasons why people live in these states. The way a person describes New York and Florida are sometimes not what they appear to be. Yes, they are in tons of movies and TV shows and a lot of celebrities live in one or the other. A few attractions that draw people to both states are New York’s trendy restaurants and nightlife is popular, and Florida’s beaches and weather are popular. There are some pros and cons factors in living in New York and Florida; those are the transportation, raising of kids, the weather, and finally, the delicious foods that are in these states.

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“Life in New York and Florida”

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First, one of the benefits of living in New York and Florida is the convenience and accessibility of public transportation. Generally, people are riding public transportation in New York and Florida to get from place to place to avoid traffic congestion, buying gas, and paying for parking. In New York one way to people get around is to just hop on a bus, and it takes people everywhere at any time of day. The buses in New York are used more than the buses in Florida. On the other hand, in New York they have a train system that actually is another way tons of people get from point A to point B easily. Another transportation is New York’s taxi service that people see tons of these yellow driving machines everywhere they look. New York got Uber as well but come on New York got $1 taxis like no one can beat that. Anyways speaking of New York a lot of people get a crazy amount of exercise from walking as another transposition because most of the places are very close together. If someone wants a sub sandwich he or she just has to walk out of his or her house, and around the corner and get one from a corner store. In Florida people use cars more than buses to get around. A lot of people in Florida prefer a car simply because places are far to go, and the buses take longer cause of the picking up and dropping off of passengers. Florida does not have a lot of people using taxis as much mostly the older folks that are in there 60’s and up. Florida is more into the Uber service now only because it is easy to use, easy to get a ride and also is faster than a taxi. In Florida though walking on the street is like a disease. Not much people walk outside cause once again everywhere is pretty far in Florida.

In addition, people think that New York and Florida are easy to raise a kid in but honestly, it is not. For example, schools play a major role in a kid’s life and picking the wrong one would make a kid suffer. In New York, the school system is tough with their regional testing and outstanding rules which makes their students smarter than most states. But these schools are not where people want their kids to go because of the violence, drugs usage, bullying, gang crimes, and rapes. However, Florida schools are not that bad, yes there are some violence and drug usage and bullying but it is not compared to New York. Florida schools take more precaution with their students and try to get a handle on things also the teachers try to make a bond with every student. Moreover, when raising a kid people have to find a good home to live in. With New York homes most are to close together, which makes people all choked up. Also in New York people got a tiny front yard along with a small backyard with no grass in most homes, so kids cannot play and run around much. Most of the time the next-door neighbors can see in the houses and people do not want them watching their kids. On the bright side in Florida, the houses are more spread out, and kids can run and play and enjoy the fresh outside in the front or backyard. Moreover, people do not have to worry about the neighborhood where the houses are. In New York, the neighborhoods are not as they appear. Some might look nice and friendly but they are not. Neighbors whom people think are friendly end up being the worst people of all. There are cars that pass by flying over the speed limit, homeless and squatters walking around watching the houses. Also, it has a lot of break-ins and murdering in homes going on in most of New York’s neighborhoods. But as for Florida, the neighborhoods are way better in a number of ways. There are rarely any break-ins; no cars speeding thru the blocks, cops patrol the communities at times, and it is just full of life in the neighborhoods. People do not have to worry about kidnapping or leaving their kids home alone because 99% of the neighborhoods are pretty much safe.

Furthermore, one major factor that set New York and Florida apart is the weather that they are endured year around. In New York, the weather is normally around 60’s to 85’s degrees in the summer, spring, and fall times. But during the wintertime, it is a huge shift in temperature. It is freezing cold from the 50’s all the way down to -5’s at times. Literally, people have to wear heavy jackets and clothes just to go outside and even their inside too, and if they do not cover up properly they can get frostbite. And the snow is incredible with the high range of about 2-6 inches. Also cannot forget the ice that is always a hassle to walk on or drive during this time of year. On the contrary, in Florida people do not have to worry about snow at all anytime of the year. But people have to worry about getting a heat stroke from the high temperatures, these temperature from spring to fall are around 80’s to 110’s degree sometimes even higher. Florida has nice weather around wintertime it gets somewhat cold in the 60’s to 40’s. Even though people do not have to worry about the snow they do have to worry about hurricanes and tornadoes. If people do not protect their homes and business then they will be sorry after the hurricane or tornadoes hits. On the other hand, in New York people have to worry about hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes. They do not have a lot of earthquakes but it is always something to think about living there. When a hurricane or tornadoes hit New York it is on high alert because everything is so close together so if one house or building get hits then a ripple effect will happen to cause more damage.

Finally, everyone loves food there is no doubt about this. Most people do not know this but tons of people live either in New York or Florida just for the food. In New York, there are endless restaurants anywhere someone looks and there is more and more being made every day. Needless to say, New York is the place to be if someone is obsessed with food. One of the greatest and most popular restaurants in New York is Le Bernardin. Le Bernardin has the consistently high level of the cooking and service, and their exact attention to detail and style of seafood makes this restaurant so popular. Also, New York has tons of cafes everywhere too, which serves vegan and non-vegan as well to provide for people. And New York has a lot of food trucks and food carts on basically every corner of their streets. The most famous food that these trucks and carts serve is the halal food, which is Arabic/Indian style cook it. People call it Chicken Over Rice there and they say it is the best fast food you can get in New York. At the same time, Florida has a lot of restaurants and cafes and food trucks too. The restaurants in Florida are more modern and the foods in most places are pretty tasty. Florida hot cafes as well and just like New York, they cater for vegans and non-vegan too. For the food trucks people have to look for them and ask around for their locations. But the thing Florida has more of is fast food, which is good because in there people drive more and do not want to get out their cars. The most popular one is Pollo Tropical, which serves a Spanish style food. It is all grilled and healthy for people and everything on the menu is amazing will surely get anyone taste buds jumping. There is also a new upcoming fast food place popping up all over Florida called Dutch-Pot, which is a Jamaican style food. And their food is pretty great as well makes people want more and more of it every time.

To conclude, many people who prefer to live in New York or Florida have to consider the everyday transportation, the raising of kids, the ups and downs of the weather, and exciting foods that are in these states. Without any doubt hopefully you can see why New York and Florida are both where people prefer to live, and these factors helped you to realize the pros and cons of living in them. For these factors mentioned above and others, life in the New York is more advisable for individuals who want a good quality of life who don not mind the transportation systems, raising kids, the weather, also for people who love food and is obese with it. While Florida is more suggested for individuals who want a better quality life with less transportation system, raising kids to their full potential, do not mind the hurricanes and tornados, and loves to eat food especially fast food.

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