Great Details New York City

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New York City consists of both a port and city located in the Hudson River in northeastern U.S. It encompasses Staten islands, Manhattan and some parts of Long Island, making it a massive American metropolis. In reality, New York City comprises of neighbor hoods that collectively make up the vast conurbation. They are strategically located within the five main boroughs; Bronx, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, and Staten Island. One common feature about New York City is the manner in which lifestyle vary, from one borough to another making a detour through them one of the most memorable undertakings.

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“Great Details New York City”

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As a geographic marvel, the actual site on which the city stands is on granite bedrock that is about 100 million years old. Lovers of topographical history would be interested in discovering it as a byproduct of the Wisconsin Glacial Stage. Evidence of this can be found in Manhattan’s world-famous Central Park where subterranean kettle depressions, erratic boulders and glacial moraine litter the landscape. Another important feature is the Hudson above River which in reality is an estuary of the Atlantic Ocean. The temperature in the city and around the river, particularly in January, is roughly 31 °F (0 °C) and in July averages 72 °F (22 °C).  The New York Bay is surrounded by a vast expanse of lush hills rich in minerals. It contains about one hundred and seventy minerals that have also been found around the world and ninety classes of precious stone.

New York bags the award for the most diverse city in the United States with a wide array of ethnicities, races, and religions. It is this diversity that makes it as commercially driven as it is creating what is arguably an attractive urban metropolis. The city is also famed for directly contributing to the collective consciousness of the country’s citizenry through its images. For instance, Broadway represents Theatre, Wall Street is synonymous with finance, Madison Avenue sharing its connection with the world of advertisement, Fifth Avenue with shopping, Seventh Avenue with fashion Tammany Hall representing politics, Harlem standing for African American aspiration, especially during the Jazz Age and Greenwich Village signifying a more conservative bohemian life that some members of the city choose to lead.

New York has its roots in the immigrant populations that came across the Atlantic in search of a better life and the American Dream. Evidence of this is in the unusual present day demography; New York has more Puerto Ricans than the Puerto Rican capital, San Juan, itself, more Irish than the Irish capital in Dublin, more Italians than those in Naples and more Jews than those found in Tel Aviv. The metropolis is regarded as an epitome of the American Dream and is also home to the Statue of Liberty, a gift to the American people from France for gaining independence from the British Empire. It is this wealth culture and history that has kept tourists flocking into New York City as one of their most preferred destinations in the United States.

Commerce is at the center of this great city, and it is because of these business activities that have made New York the wealthiest and richest town in the United States. The city’s presence is kept alive by the constant stream of people and goods through its port ensuring it always stays afloat.

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