Letter to you what to do in a Difficult Situation

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I am writing this letter for you because you are a young kid who don’t know what to do in some difficult situation and you will need to make some choices which will change your life. I don’t even know what to start with but I will start to tell you about your family life. Your parents will always be there for you but they will need to divorce because they can’t live together anymore so you will have to choose who do you want to live with. I know it is hard but you should think at this a bit before taking the decision.

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“Letter to you what to do in a Difficult Situation”

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Well I choose to go with my mom because I was totally free, no rules, she never asked me why I stayed until midnight away from home, she was giving me money for everything I want it but it is not that amazing because I start skipping classes, I start smoking and I was wasting money on things that I don’t need. Lucky enough I realised she is a bad influence and I decided to go back to my father and I lost just 2 years of my life and school. So when that will happened please stay with your father for a better future. I can tell you about your social life, you have lots of friends even if you are too young to understand what a real friend is just spend as much time as you can with your friends because people will change.

You will understand this when you will get older. You will get your first girlfriend, she is an amazing girl but you will get bored and you will decide to take a “break”. Just don’t do that, I think she is perfect for you, you can make a nice family together. I met her after a few years and she was so beautiful, she is clever as well , she wants to be a lawyer. You will start high school soon, you will be the most popular guy in that school just because your really friendly with everyone and there you will found your real best friend, we met there and we are still friends after 8 years.

She is an incredible and beautiful women now and I can’t believe she is my best friend. I know you think some of your teachers are just annoying but they just want to help you. Don’t skip classes just because you don’t like the teacher. Some of them are really good teachers and I don’t even know them because I have been once in the class to see him. They will help you in your future career so just go and respect them. This is probably how your life will be in the next few years and it is up to you if you will take my advices or you will do what you want.


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