Character Reference Letter Alejandro Preciado


I am writing on behalf of Alejandro Preciado. As Alejandro’s sister, I have known him his entire life. Alejandro has always displayed and proven to have an honest, responsible, and hardworking character. In general, Alejandro, an engineer, is known for his dedicated worker and family oriented. As a reliable and conscientious member of society, Alejandro’s DUI was a shock to everyone who knows him.

Alejandro is a very dedicated and hard worker. I have personally have seen the amount of work he has put in to finish college and start his career. He has never purposely done anything to disappoint my parents or any of us. As his older sister, I have seen Alejandro lead a positive lifestyle. He graduated college with honors and was able to find an engineering job before even walking across the stage for graduation. As a college graduate myself, I know it is not an easy feat to complete. His determination to succeed and be a productive member of society has led to him earning the respect of all of his family and friends.

Alejandro definitely does not have any criminal record. Alejandro is a recent Texas college graduate who is just started his engineering career in Colorado this past summer. He graduated in May, started his job with Kiewit, and moved away from his family and friends in a short span of time. We understand that that is something that would be hard for anyone especially someone who has always been as family oriented as Alejandro. However, Alejandro has made it clear to me that nothing excuses him making the decision to drive while under the influence of alcohol.

My brother deeply regrets what happened that night especially that he put his friend’s life at risk. He recognizes the mistakes he made and accepts the consequences. As he just started his career this summer, he is especially anxious about how this may affect his future at his current employer.

I am confident that this is a one-time offense for Alejandro as I have seen the steps he has taken to move past this and to make sure it does not happen again. He has learned several valuable lessons from this event that he will use to better his life. Our entire family will continue to be there for Alejandro in any way to support him and help him move past this.

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