Difficult Situation

The toughest decision that someone is faced with is always the smartest that can be made. Most leaders know it is the decision that they have to make but it is the hardest to make. Leaders get it hard to make a certain decision because they feel that they need to please their followers. They want to limit frustrations amongst their followers and also to be appreciated for their leadership. Making tough calls by leaders may jeopardize several things. This paper focuses on the toughest decision that U.S president Obama had to make to kill Osama bin Laden.

Barack Obama had a toughest decision to make when he sent in Special Forces to kill Osama bin Laden. His decision could come with severe consequences in case it failed. When the CIA thought that they had allocated Osama, he took the risk of sending in Special Forces even though no one was sure about that and he could not sneak in a spy into his compound in Abbottabad because it could be much riskier. The consequences of his decision could be a one-term president just as he had been promised by Mitch McConnell in case his decision failed. Suppose the forces couldn’t have killed Osama, then the downside of his call could have been horrible for him.

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Obama took a harder and a more honorable decision to make. But it had the best result. Obama’s decision had a massive consequence which could see him miss his next seat as president. In case the mission failed, Obama could have had a tough time in office. In my opinion, Obama’s decision was the most brilliant call that he could make at that time. I would also make the same decision to risk in killing an individual than risking the outcome which could see several Americans killed by Osama.

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