Leader who Liberated the Indian Sub-Continent

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History bears witness to the rise and fall of kingdoms, dynasties and revolutions over the years and there is one key element that is found to be common in every era. That is the presence of a leader who united the people under one cause. The type and quality of leadership is pivotal to the survival and success of a group. Effective leadership with proper structure and organization can lead the masses to victory and fulfilment. In this paper, I chose to talk about a leader who liberated the Indian sub-continent from the colonial rule spanning nearly two centuries.

 A land known for its rich culture, heritage and diversity, India was called the golden bird because of its abundant raw materials, precious stones, gold and other riches. Foreigners saw it as the perfect quest for wealth and prosperity. Invaders from all over the world have been documented to embark on a journey to India, either to loot and plunder or to establish some sort of permanence on the Indian soil. The Arabs, the Mongols, the Persians, in addition to their European counterparts from France, Portugal, Denmark and the Netherlands, all invaded India at some point. However, the one that lasted till modern times was the British Raj which started as the East India Company, initially a trade establishment that later went on to exert control, dominance and ultimately, colonization.

The general population of India suffered large scale exploitation at the hands of the imperial rule. Apart from discrimination in the political and economic scenario, Indians were treated as second-class citizens in their own motherland. A once rich and affluent country was slowly losing its wealth and grandeur to the foreign entity. This brought about feelings of deep resentment and created the need for sovereignty.

They say when human hardships are at its peak, a messiah emerges to empower people and lead them to victory. In my opinion, India needed her fair share of extraordinary men and women who could bring back her lost freedom and among those brave people was a man so rare and remarkable that an entire sub-continent still reveres him as the father of the nation. As an Indian, I understand that we paid a tremendous price for freedom and Mahatma Gandhi will always be at the apex of our identity as proud nationals of a free country.

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